Alien Perfume Reviews: Are They Good?

When popular scents become classical fragrances, you know you’re onto something special.

Alien perfumes are wild, yet harmonious. Released in 2005, this scent has stood the test of time and is still adored by customers over 17 years later. Classically complex, Alien has a place in even the most sophisticated perfume collections.

Stick around to learn more about the brand and which Alien variation best meets your fragrance needs.

Alien Perfume Reviews

All About the Mugler Company 

Alien perfume was created by fashion mogul Thierry Mugler. A few years ago, both Mugler’s fashion and perfume brands were purchased by the beauty brand Clarins. Since then, L’Oréal has become the parent company of this brand.

All About Thierry Mugler

Born Manfred Thierry Mugler in 1948, this Frenchman first launched his highly creative fashion house in the 1970’s. In addition to designing all the clothes, he was also the creative director and advisor for the brand. 

His designs were popularized for being unorthodox and all-inclusive. He worked with behemoth artists, such as Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Grace Jones, George Michael, and Beyoncé. All artists known for being unconventional in their own right. 

Clarins Cosmetics purchased the company in 2019. Once they dissolved their fragrance division, Mugler fragrances were purchased by L’Oréal. While the company has changed hands a few times, it remained under French ownership.

His retirement from the fashion brand at age 57 didn’t last long. In 2013, at age 65, he returned in the limited, but impactful capacity of creative adviser. Mugler’s current creative director is Casey Cadwallader.

Mugler had a full creative life that involved classical ballet training, interior design training through Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts, his career as a fashion and fragrance mogul, and then rigorous body building in his latter years. 

He lived to be 73 years old. In January 2022, he died of natural causes in his Vincennes, Paris home.

Mugler Fragrances Background

Prior to his death, Mugler was heavily involved in the creative inception of his fragrances. He managed each fragrance project from start to finish. He had an innovative approach to selecting scents for his fragrances. 

Many Mugler fragrances have cosmic references, combined with his signature sky blue icon symbolizing a transcendence of the norms beyond the stratosphere, all while helping you tell your own stories.

Mugler’s first fragrance release in 1992 was historical. It was the inception of the Gourmand scent category in the world of perfumery. The perfume was called Angel and was a peculiar blend of chocolate, praline, and patchouli.

Alien, Mugler’s fourth fragrance, was released in 2005 following Angel, Angel for Men (1996), and Mugler Cologne (2001). 

From the start of this branch of his business, Mugler would create variations of the same scent. For instance, Angel was followed by a more masculine version of the scent, called Angel*Men also referred to as A*Men.

And the same holds true for Alien. A blend of woody, amber, and floral scents, jasmine sambac is the primary note. Still woody but more evolved, is Alien Man. It also touts notes of osmanthus flower and leather.

Mugler’s newest fragrance, released in 2022, is Alien Goddess. Lighter than the original Alien, the Goddess version is a blend of bergamot, vanilla, and jasmine blossoms.

Each fragrance in the Mugler perfume range complements a well developed concept describing their customer base.

Women’s Fragrances (with dominant notes)

  • Alien (jasmine sambac, cashmere wood, white amber)
  • Alien Goddess (bergamot, jasmine grandiflorum, bourbon vanilla)
  • Alien Goddess Intense (bergamot, cocoa cream, jasmine grandiflorum, vanilla bourbon, benzoin resin)
  • Alien Flora Futura (orange, jasmine, white amer)
  • Angel (red fruits, bergamot, praline, vanilla absolute, patchouli)
  • Angel Eau Croisière (fig milk, magnolia, praline, patchouli)
  • Angel Nova (raspberry, lychee, Damascus rose, Akigalawood, benzoin resin)
  • Angel Muse (grapefruit, berries, hazelnut cream, vetiver, patchouli)
  • Aura Mugler (fauve liana, orange blossom, and vanilla)
  • Womanity (fig leaves, fig wood, caviar)
  • Innocent (tangy fruits, sugary almonds)
  • Innocent Rock (bergamot, black pepper, rose petals, lychee, patchouli)

Men’s Fragrances (with dominant notes)

  • Alien Man (leather, osmanthus blossom, smoked beech)
  • Alien Man Fusion (osmanthus blossom, leather, ginger, cinnamon, beech, green coffee)
  • Alien Man Mirage (juniper, aquatic reed, leather, patchouli)
  • A*Men (absolute coffee, patchouli, vanilla)
  • A*Men Pure Malt (bergamot orange, vanilla, cedar wood, patchouli, amber, fruits, coffee bean, musk)
  • A*Men Pure Havane (fresh tobacco leaves, honeyed tobacco, patchouli, bitter cocoa)
  • A*Men Ultimate (green bergamot, cedar, mocaccino, balsam fir)

Launched in 2015, Mugler’s Les Exceptions Range is an imaginative reinvention of classic personal fragrances, making it a unique feature of this brand. A dozen scents selectively available an art deco glass bottles.

Mugler’s Les Exceptions

  • Les Exceptions Naughty Fruity (mirabelle plum, blonde tobacco)
  • Les Exceptions Oriental Extreme (creamy sandalwood and vanilla, fresh green notes and spices)
  • Les Exceptions Fantasquatic (aquatic freshness combined with woody amber and spice)
  • Les Exceptions Supra Floral (rare hyacinth petals blended with amber)
  • Les Exceptions Woodissime (fruity osmanthus, cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, oud wood)
  • Les Exceptions Fougère Furieuse (geranium, oak moss, coumarin, bergamot, orange, neroli, and amber)
  • Les Exceptions Mystic Aromatic (garden florals and Peruvian balsam)
  • Les Exceptions Chyprissime (chypre, bergamot orange, oak moss, patchouli, and pear)
  • Les Exceptions Hot Cologne (bergamot, lemon, mandarin, green coffee)
  • Les Exceptions Over the Musk (floral bouquet, chypre, spices, musk, ferns)
  • Les Exceptions Ambre Redoutable (Gentian absolute, amber, warm wood)
  • Les Exceptions Wonder Bouquet (orange blossom, lili of the valley, Sambac jasmine, brioche accord, bran absolute)

Mugler continues to be a prolific French fragrance brand under its L’Oréal parent company. L’Oréal hasn’t strayed from Mugler’s out of the box approach to fragrance recipes as they continue to release new scents. 

Harmony born from contrasts” sums up the scent experience of Mugler fragrances.  They’re created not only to be seductive and harmonious, but highly addictive as well.

Mugler Fragrance Refills

Each bottle is uniquely designed, often influenced by architecture. They’re often prismatic, multi-faceted, and alluring. Some are streamlined and stately.

Regardless of bottle shape, you might be hesitant to discard the bottle once you’ve used all of your perfume. Whether you’re a collector, or prefer to generate the least amount of waste as possible, there is an alternative.

In 2007 Mugler presented the option to refill their perfume bottles. With the goal of more “sustainable luxury” in mind, there are in-store and at-home refill options for your convenience.

The Mugler Fountain

Store refills are probably the most sustainable option. Over 2 million boxes and bottles are saved. Close to 400 fewer tons of waste result from bottle refills. 

Another benefit to this perfume service is that if your spray nozzle and/or cap are broken, you can have them replaced at the perfumery.

You can even register each refill for credit towards future purchases and other discounts.

Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom are some North American department stores where you can find a Mugler Fountain. There are over 10,000 fountains in perfumeries worldwide. 

Currently, only their three pillar scents can be refilled by fountain:

  • Angel
  • Alien
  • Alien Goddess

If there isn’t a fountain in your area, home refills are still more sustainable than discarding the bottle or buying a new one.

Mugler Home Refills

Home order refill options include:

  • Alien
  • Alien Goddess
  • A*Man
  • Alien Man
  • Angel
  • Angel Nova
  • Womanity.

After your refill container arrives, simply remove the cap and unscrew the top of your perfume bottle. Then place the nifty funnel included with your refill purchase inside the mouth of the bottle. Carefully pour in the perfume until your original bottle is full.

Screw the atomizer back on and replace the cap to prevent air from entering into the bottle.

Through this option, you’re still reducing the amount of plastic, cardboard, and glass that might enter landfills by 52% and higher. 

Top 7 Alien Perfumes Reviewed

Alien was voted one of the top ten most popular fragrances of 2021 by British retailer, The Fragrance Shop.

It came in at number four amongst many of the timeless fragrances that we’ve come to know and love. Apparently, people have been gravitating towards the empowering effects of woody floral fragrances over the past few years. And this is one reason why Alien made the list. 

1. Alien Set Beautifying Lotion (1 oz) and Eau de Parfum Splash (0.2 oz)

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Like most fragrances, your body chemistry influences how this fragrance will smell when you’re wearing it. If you’re unsure of how this scent might work out for you, then you may want to purchase a small amount to start out with.

This set includes body lotion and eau de parfum splash. Although splashes tend to be less concentrated than eau de parfums alone, wearing both the lotion and the splash might intensify the fragrance. It may also last longer on you throughout the day. 

A size such as this is also ideal for travel. If you carried both the lotion and fragrance, you would still be able to carry on more liquids. So if you already know that you love this fragrance, then you can purchase this set to have on hand when traveling

Being that it’s the least expensive option, you won’t have to worry so much if something were to happen to your luggage, or if some of the perfume spills out.

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2. Alien Eau de Parfum Spray 1 oz (30 mL)

Alien By Thierry Mugler For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray Refillable 1 oz
  • Design House: Thierry Mugler
  • Fragrance Notes: amber, vanilla, orange blossom, woods
  • Recommended Use: casual

This 1 oz bottle is another option for either traveling or testing out how your body will carry this fragrance. 

If you like pretty bottles, then this size would be a better choice than the 0.2 oz one mentioned in the set above. A 2 oz (60 mL) bottle might also work out for you. I think the bottles look nicer the larger they get, which is typical of most fragrance brands.

Even though these parfums are in a larger bottle, they are not refillable. So you wouldn’t be able to go to a Mugler Fountain for replenishment. 

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3. Alien Eau de Parfum Spray 3 oz (90 mL) Refillable

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Now we’re entering into refillable bottle land. And this bottle is stunning. Larger Alien perfume bottles look similar to an amethyst stone. Elegant, in a rich purple hue, and often referred to by Mugler as a talisman. 

I’m not sure if the bottle has any special powers but its scent is sensually robust. Jasmine sambac is known to be a relaxing, pleasurable fragrance. Adding in musky cashmere wood intensifies the experience. Earthy and fresh white amber mellows out the scent.

Since this unit is refillable, you can enjoy the fragrance and bottle, and then use the bottle again, reducing waste. 

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4. Alien Eau de Toilette Spray 1 oz (30 mL)

ALIEN Thierry Mugler 1.0 oz / 30 ml EDP Women Perfume Refillable Spray
  • Alien Perfume by Thierry Mugler, Alien is a mysterious fragrance released by Theirry Mugler in 2005.
  • Its base notes consist of warm white amber, with woodsy middle notes and a top note of Indian jasmine.
  • It has quite heavy sillage and is a very long-lasting fragrance.
  • Just one application of this head-turning perfume may last all day so you can go straight to your night out after a long day at work.
  • The bottle that Alien comes in is just as remarkable as the scent. It is a beautiful deep purple color and carries an extraterrestrial shape, hinting at the mysterious scent inside and following with the name of the fragrance.

The eau de toilette version of Alien has a slightly different fragrance recipe. It’s a smaller bottle that isn’t refillable, but this gives you an opportunity to test out the scent.

Although this eau de toilette has a lighter scent than the eau de parfum version, its sillage is heavy.

Addition of mandarin is the primary scent note difference. This scent combination is slightly lighter than the original Alien. Some also suggest that this version is crisper.

Since it is less concentrated than parfum, the price of this toilette is usually  lower.

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5. Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum Spray 2 oz (60 mL) Refillable

The new kid on the block, Alien Goddess, was just launched earlier this year (2022). 

Back to refillable containers, this bottle is a golden beauty molded in the same manner as the original Alien parfum.

Amber Goddess emphasizes the warmth of the sun. It still has earthy undertones, but overall, it’s a lighter fragrance.

Italian bergamot offers that crispness. Jasmine petals are still the heart of this fragrance – adding that floral element but with a tinge of fruity sweetness. Silky bourbon vanilla rounds out this comforting, sun-filled scent.

Being a 2 oz bottle, it’s reasonable enough to try out the scent but also large enough for you to get a good feel of the fragrance.  

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6. Alien Flora Futura Eau de Toilette Spray 2 oz (60 mL)

Mugler Alien Flora Futura by Thierry for Women 2.0 oz Eau de Toilette Spray
  • Alien Flora Futura by Thierry Mugler for Women 2.0 oz EDT Spray: Buy Thierry Mugler Perfumes - Mystic, exotic and rich, this fragrance captures the seductress in us all. A mysteriously engraved precious stone non refillable bottle. To satisfy the desires of women who wish to keep their precious fragrance eternal, a refillable version of this bottle is available.
  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Alien Flora Futura by Thierry Mugler for Women 2.0 oz Eau de Toilette Spray.
  • Type: Eau De Toilette

Housed in a lighter pinkish-orange flacon, this eau de toilette was created to emphasize the beauty of uniqueness.

Similar to the parfum and toilette versions of Alien, Flora Futura’s heart note is jasmine. But this one doesn’t have any wood notes. The top note is orange and white amber rounds out the base note.

Toilettes are less concentrated, so you may have to reapply at least once during the day.

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7. Alien Fusion Eau de Parfum Spray 2 oz (60 mL)

Thierry Mugler Alien Fusion Women 2 oz EDP Spray (73267)
  • Launched by the design house of Thierry Mugler in the year 2019.
  • This oriental floral fragrance has a blend of ginger, cinnamon, orange blossom, tuberose, white amber and vanilla.
  • Its recommended for casual wear.
  • Number of items: 1.0

Another rendition of the talisman bottle, this time in fiery red. Alien Fusion is spicy and even more mysterious than Alien.

Top notes are ginger and cinnamon, which you’ll smell for up to fifteen minutes after spraying the perfume. Tuberose and orange blossom are at the heart of this scent formula. They lend a creamy, powdery, sweet orange fragrance.

And all four of these scents sink into white amber and vanilla.

If you’re looking for a stand out fragrance, then Alien Fusion might be the best pick for you.

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Customer Opinions About Alien Perfume

From what I’ve gathered, customers overwhelmingly love wearing Alien perfume by Mugler. It’s inviting, striking, and addictive all at once. 

What Customers Love About Alien Perfume

  • Wonderful scent 
  • Strong fragrance, but it isn’t overpowering.
  • Lasts long; customers can often smell the fragrance on their clothes the next day. 
  • Can easily become a signature scent that you may even want to wear year-round.
  • The container is captivating – a collector’s item.
  • The quality of the perfume justifies the price.
  • If you like to receive compliments about the fragrance you’re wearing, this is the scent for that.

What Customers Dislike About Alien Perfume

If you aren’t someone who enjoys complex fragrances, you probably won’t like any Alien perfume formula. 

Interestingly enough, I didn’t come across any customer complaints about disliking the scent in general. But some customers feel that there’s been a change for the worse in the Alien perfume formula since L’Oréal became its parent company. Many have expressed disappointment about that.

According to L’Oréal, there are subtle changes made to fragrances in keeping with updated regulatory standards. They assert that the product quality has not been compromised.

Since Alien was first released over 15 years ago, it’s reasonable to assume that regulations have changed since then. 

Final Thoughts

Sensual and earthy, Alien is a layered fragrance that has been well-loved by customers for close to two decades. Those who love it have no second thoughts about buying or wearing it. 

If you’re new to Alien, I would suggest the fragrance and lotion set, or the 1 oz eau de parfum. For the collectors out there, the 3 oz bottle is most beautiful and refillable.

But of course, you have to choose the one that best fits your needs!


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