Burberry Cologne Reviews: 5 Best for Men

Burberry is synonymous with luxury and refinement, which might cause you to wonder whether or not their men’s cologne options are any good.

Similar to their timeless check pattern, Burberry creates classic colognes for men that have remained customer favorites for decades. Their best scents for men are pretty much all of their releases. Well formulated and long-lasting, there’s sure to be a scent that you’ll discover and love.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes the Burberry colognes I’ve found the best.

Top 5 Burberry Colognes for Men

Burberry has released over 80 fragrances since 1981, and many are still in circulation but may not be directly available from the company.

The best colognes that I found for men come in a number of sizes and price points, so I’m hoping you’ll discover a fragrance that you’ll consider trying.

1. Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette for Him

Burberry Brit Eau De Toilette for Him, 3.3 Fl Oz
  • Brit For Him Eau de Toilette
  • Heart notes of cedar wood, nutmeg are softened with wild rose.
  • Notes of grey musk and tonka smooth out the base.

I’ll begin with one of the bestselling Burberry colognes for men, Burberry Brit.
This particular bottle holds 100 mL (3.3 fl oz) of liquid. Its clear glass bottle is covered in one of Burberry’s signature patterns with a silver nozzle engraved with the Burberry logo, and a clear cap.

Primary fragrance notes are woody and spicy, making this a solid fragrance for fall and winter, but it can be worn day or night. You might be able to carry this fragrance on your skin during early spring as well.

Expect to continue smelling this fragrance for at least 6 hours, which is solid longevity for an eau de toilette.

In 2005, Burberry Brit for Him won the Fifi Award for Fragrance of the Year in the Men’s Luxe category. The scent launched in 2004.

 Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette for Him

Spicy and fresh notes are immediately apparent. Those notes include cardamom, ginger, green mandarin, and bergamot. Ginger lends a lot of kick, but it’s also somewhat earthy, almost like the scent of dirt, being that it’s a rhizome.

At the heart of Burberry Brit, you’ll encounter more spice in the form of nutmeg and a spice blend, as well as cedarwood and wild rose. The longevity of this eau de toilette might be attributed to the fact that there’s a wood note in the middle layer.

More cedarwood is carried into the base layer and joined by oriental woodsy notes, patchouli, gray musk, and tonka bean.

Some wearers suggest that this fragrance primarily smells like baby powder, and this could be due to the musk notes combined with tonka bean, but I think that the wood and spice notes are also noticeable.

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2. Burberry Weekend Eau de Toilette for Men

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If you’re looking for a lower barrier to entry, Burberry Weekend costs about half as much as Burberry Brit for Men.

Also 100 mL (3.3 fl oz), this clear glass bottle has rounded shoulders and a flat base with a matte silver cap. Its design looks as fresh and elegant as the scent smells.

First released in 1997, Burberry Weekend is a fitting name for a fragrance that’s best worn on warm days in the sunshine. It’s perfect for a picnic, shopping, brunch, or fun day activities.

You can expect for it to last on the skin for at least 5 hours. It’s a somewhat mature scent but college students and young professionals can also pull this one off.

Burberry Weekend Eau de Toilette for Men

Its invigorating top notes include grapefruit, lemon, and tangerine – zesty and sweet. At the heart, you’ll find ivy leaves, sandalwood, and oak moss. More raw and green refreshing notes along with the sweet and rich earthiness of sandalwood and oak moss.

As it dries down, warm amber, honey, and musk offer an unexpected gourmand finish to this refreshing blend.

This is one of those fragrances that are worth adding to your collection even if it’s got limited seasonal use. It can become your weekend fragrance during spring or summer. Or, you can pick it up any time you’re in need of a mild but memorable scent for a special occasion or other day event.

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3. Burberry Touch Eau de Toilette for Men

Burberry Touch Eau De Toilette for Men, 3.3 Fl Oz
  • Clear Glass Bottle: The fragrance comes in a clear glass bottle that allows you to see the liquid inside.
  • Refreshing Scent: Features top notes of mandarin tree and violet leaves for a refreshing aroma.
  • Warmth: Heart notes of Virginia cedar wood and white pepper provide a warm and comforting scent.
  • Depth: Vetiver and soft musk notes add depth and complexity to the fragrance.
  • Clear glass bottle

Launched in 2000, Burberry Touch is found in a cylindrical bottle that narrows down to a thick base, and is topped with a wide wooden cap. It’s 100 mL (3.3 fl oz).

Considered a woody floral musk, Burberry Touch for Men is also a fresh fragrance, but this one is more spicy than zippy.

At the start, you’ll encounter mandarin tree leaves, violet leaves, and artemisia. If you’ve ever smelled absinth or vermouth, you know how sharp artemisia plants smell. Violet leaves are also fresh, but milder than artemisia, more like a cucumber. Mandarin notes add more of a moist, juicy freshness.

Burberry Touch Eau de Toilette for Men

Virginia cedarwood, nutmeg, and white pepper generate feelings of warmth and coziness on the middle layer of Burberry Touch. White pepper adds earthy heat while the spiciness of nutmeg is on the sweet side.

Tonka beans, vetiver, and musk close out this fragrance with more spiciness, earthiness, dry notes, and powdery sweetness.

The pale blue hue of Burberry Touch is misleading. Based on color alone, you’re led to think that this is a scent with fresh aquatic notes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nevertheless, it’s a lovely scent and more affordable than Burberry Brit. Expect Touch to remain on your skin for at least 6 hours. Its sillage leaves a lovely, long trail.

Best worn on warm days and early nights – spring, summer, fall, and early winter.

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4. Classic Burberry for Men

Burberry Men's Eau de Toilette, 1.7 Fl Oz
  • The opening is a fresh herbal effusion dominated by crushed mint leaf, thyme and bergamot, and just softened with clean notes of lavender.
  • The fragrance begins to settle to a woody and floral tones come to the fore, fusing jasmine and geranium with masculine accords of cedar, oak moss and soft sandalwood.
  • Cozy vanilla pod and light musk combine with amber to produce a warm, satisfying finish.

An aromatic wood fragrance, this one is a classic. Its version was released in 1995. Even its bottle is a classic – square with slightly convex sides, and a shiny metal cap.

Perfect for day and early evenings, Burberry Men is primarily a fall fragrance, but it can be worn in early winter, spring, and summer as well.

This is a very masculine, 90s men’s fragrance, but it isn’t overbearing. Expect it to last 5 to 6 hours on the skin.

Bergamot, lavender, fresh mint, thyme greet you at the start like an herbal and citrus infusion.

Classic Burberry for Men

Geranium carries over the aromatic notes. It’s joined by moss and sandalwood to help make up the heart of this fragrance. Amber and cedarwood create a warm and gently dry down.

Burberry for Men is a reliable fragrance to add to your collection for those times when you simply need to spray on a timeless fragrance that’ll perform well in most settings.

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5. Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette

Burberry Mr Burberry Eau De Toilette, 5.0 Fl Oz
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  • Beauty and personal care product

Sleek and sophisticated, Mr. Burberry is housed in an upright glass bottle with a thick base. Its cap is shiny black. Inspired by Burberry’s black trench coat, gabardine fabric is tied around the neck of this bottle as well.

Another woody aromatic, Mr. Burberry was released in 2016. Perfect for day, and into early evenings, this scent can be worn most months, in spring, summer, fall, and early winter. But these fragrance notes are perfect for cool days of autumn. Mr. Burberry lasts at least 5 hours on the skin.

Grapefruit has to be one of the most refreshing citrus notes ever, and it greets you after one spray of the fragrance. Additional top notes include tarragon, mint, and cardamom. Mint is biting, yet refreshing as well. Tarragon is an interesting herb. Its notes are herbaceous but also licorice-like.

Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette

At the heart of Mr. Burberry, the ever aromatic lavender is joined by birch leaf, cedarwood, and nutmeg. The others we’ve already gone over, but birch leaf is also unique for a cologne. It smells like fresh sap.

Delicious base notes for Mr. Burberry include amber, oak moss, guaiac wood, vetiver, benzoin, and sandalwood. This makes the dry down sweet, warm, leathery, powdery, and balsamic.

The eau de parfum version of Mr Burberry has the same fragrance notes, but in different proportions because the EDP is warmer and spicier than the EDT.

Because it’s more intense, the EDP can last well into the evening, and its notes lend themselves to that time frame. It’s also better worn during fall and winter, although its fresh notes make it versatile enough to spray on during spring and summer, but more sparingly. This one will also last more than 8 hours on the skin.

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All About the Burberry Brand

Thomas Burberry founded his company in 1856 with the goal of creating clothes that protected Brits from their windy and wet weather. He was only 21 years old and this was just the start of his innovation.

Burberry History

By 1879, Thomas created a fabric that protected explorers from harsh British weather. This fabric, called gaberdine, was weatherproof and could sustain heavy winds and unfavorable conditions, but it was also comfortable to wear. The last point especially is what led to creation of the Burberry trench coat. The fabric was patented nine years later.

It wasn’t until the 1920s that the Burberry check design became the lining of their raincoats. But this time, multiple explorers had tested the durability, water-resistance, and warmth of Burberry’s gabardine coats while on expedition.

After growing the company in ever-increasing factory spaces, surprisingly, the company didn’t open its first brick-and-mortar location until 2000. Two years later, the company went public. It was during this time that Burberry began to transition from a wholesale and licensing business model to adding the retail component.

Sales drastically increased and by 2014, they were operating over 500 retail stores internationally.

Burberry Product Lines

Initially known for their protective outerwear, Burberry has continued to grow and develop that line, as well as offer additional products to customers.

An innovative presence at Fashion Week, Burberry creates seasonal collections for women, men, and children. In addition to outerwear and apparel, bags, shoes, accessories, and scarves. There’s a makeup line for women, and fragrances are available for men and women.

Burberry Colognes for Men

This luxury fashion brand partners with Coty to formulate their personal fragrances.

It wasn’t until 1981 that Burberry first released fragrances. Burberry for Men was that first fragrance, and it’s one of the classics that remain to this day.

Additional classic Burberry colognes for men include:

  • Burberry Touch Eau de Toilette – a crisp, refreshing scent with added spicy and woody notes
  • Burberry London Eau de Toilette – a spicy aromatic with floral, leather, and tobacco notes
  • Burberry Brit for Him Eau de Toilette – a pungent and spicy wood fragrance

Another enduring fragrance, Mr. Burberry is a spirited blend of citrus and earthy notes or warm woody and spicy notes. The Mr. Burberry Collection, includes:

  • Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette – zesty and down to earth
  • Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum – warm and earthy
  • Mr. Burberry Indigo Eau de Toilette – fresh, herbaceous, and earthy

Burberry’s newest collection is called Hero, and it’s the first fragrance collection released since Riccardo Tisci became the chief creative officer of Burberry Group.

  • Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum – warm woods and dense benzoin
  • Burberry Hero Eau de Toilette – fresh, spicy, and warm

And then we have Burberry Signatures, these are eau de parfum fragrances with scent notes that both men and women are drawn towards. Each one has been formulated with fragrance oil concentrations ranging from ten to twenty percent.

Burberry Signature scents include:

  • Midnight Journey – a spicy, resinous blend with floral and herbal notes
  • High Tea – a blend of black herbal tea notes as a nod to the British tradition
  • Hawthorn Bloom – a light floral fragrance blend that showcases blooming hawthorns
  • Tudor Rose – fragrant garden roses spiced with patchouli and sweetened with fenugreek
  • Windsor Tonic – a fresh and woody concoction with added spices and musk
  • Garden Roses – a more velvety rose notes with a touch of lemon and vetiver
  • Amber Heath – seductive amber combined with earthy, spicy, and sweet notes

Burberry fragrances are expensive, but this is a luxury brand that sells teddy bears of $600 USD. That makes their fragrances, even the highly concentrated signature scents, appear to be a bargain.

Customer Opinions about Burberry Cologne for Men

Most customers who purchase Burberry colognes seem to be pleased with the fragrance and its performance. Since eau de toilettes are typically fleeting, it’s nice to purchase ones that have longevity, especially with regards to fragrances with higher price points.

Here’s some of the Burberry cologne feedback that I gathered from all over the Internet.

What Customers Enjoy about Burberry Colognes for Men

In most cases, customers are delighted by their Burberry cologne purchases and would buy the same scent again. They’re also more willing to consider additional Burberry fragrances.

  • Many wearers appreciate the fact that their eau de toilettes can sit on the skin for 6 hours or more, which is about two hours longer than most other fragrances of the same concentration.
  • A lot of men feel more distinguished when wearing their Burberry cologne.
  • Burberry releases scents that you must have in your collection for those days when you’re looking for memorable yet subtle.
  • Some customers state that they can smell the quality of the fragrance and feel as though they’re worth every penny.
  • One word that kept coming up was, memorable. Not every guy wants their fragrance to precede them when they walk into a room. But the one thing they all want is for partners, coworkers, or strangers to remember them by their fragrance. Wearing Burberry cologne accomplishes this goal for many men.
  • Burberry cologne dry downs are especially poetic and interesting, even when more familiar scent notes have been used on that layer.
  • Burberry’s colognes for men are simply “that scent” that you need to have access to on any given day. They have fragrances that are perfect for any occasion, take Burberry Weekend as an example.
  • Burberry creates classic men’s scents that are essential and appropriate for work or play.

What Customers Dislike about Burberry Colognes for Men

  • Some men complain the Burberry Brit smells like a barber shop.
  • Other wearers state that they pick up on the alcohol base more than the fragrance notes themselves.
  • Many of the newer scents are really expensive and customers don’t feel as though they’re getting much value for the asking price.
  • With some fragrances, customers prefer to pay a little less for the eau de toilette version over the eau de parfum because the EDP doesn’t always perform better for the asking price.

Final Thoughts

British design house, Burberry, is a luxury brand that takes its fragrances as seriously as it does its clothing and accessory lines. In business for over 150 years, its fragrances were a fairly nascent product category, even though they were first released in the early 80s.

All of their men’s fragrances are memorable, and their eau de toilettes have above average longevity. Many of Burberry’s colognes for men are fresh, woody, or aromatic. But fresh can cover a wide range of scents from citrus to herbal.

That’s one of the things that makes Burberry colognes special. They pull out the nuances of individual fragrance categories. You might particularly like, Burberry for Men, for a classic, nostalgic fragrance that’s reliable and versatile.

But as always, you should pick the scent that works best for you.


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