Burnt Hair Perfume: 6 Facts You Need to Know

When thinking about perfume, pleasant fragrances typically come to mind. Sweet floral, fresh citrus, or earthy spice scents sell out on a regular basis.

Who would have thought that what started as a Twitter joke would evolve into a sold-out fragrance described by Elon Musk as the “essence of repugnant desire?”

Here are all the facts you need to know about Burnt Hair perfume; the fourth one is a kicker.

Burnt Hair Perfume

6 Facts about Burnt Hair Perfume

During September 2022, a seemingly never-ending Twitter thread evolved into an unexpected product sold through Elon Musk’s Boring Company.

You’d have to be part of the Musk universe to decode most of these comments. But if you’re not one of his 120.8+ million followers, no worries, let’s break down some of the highlights from this Twitter thread starting with the most important one that you came here for, Burnt Hair perfume.

What is Burnt Hair Perfume?

As you’ll read soon, Burnt Hair perfume is a bit of an illusion – or, a smokescreen, maybe?

Back on September 27, 2022, a Twitter joke evolved into followers suggesting the names of Elon Musk fragrances. Without exaggeration, I spent hours scrolling and was unable to find the original joke that sparked this reference but was unable to do so.

Some say it was about traffic, others suggest that Musk was joking about raising funds for one of his tunneling projects. But maybe it was truly just a smokescreen. Finding the truth is a struggle.

Common amongst product name suggestions from followers was “Elon’s Musk for Men” but there were plenty of fire and cryptocurrency-related recommendations as well. “Burnt Nose Hair,” “Bit Burn,” “Burnt LUNC,” “Dogecoin,” and even “Burnt Hair” amongst them.

“Burnt Promises” was posted by an individual displeased with Elon’s Delaware contracts.
Once Musk placed the fragrance up for sale on October 11, 2022, he quipped, “Please buy my perfume, so that I can buy Twitter.”

As you know, his Twitter acquisition was concluded on October 27, 2022.

Once sales began to surge, Musk changed his Twitter bio to read: “Perfume Salesman.” This self-professed title was in response to him selling 20,000 bottles of the perfume within a short timeframe.

As of today, there have been 30,000 bottles sold, according to the Boring Company website. It only took a little over a week; Burnt Hair perfume has been sold out since October 18, 2022.

How Much Does Burnt Hair Perfume Cost?

When Burnt Perfume was listed on the Boring Company website, the cost was $100 USD per bottle. Cost of shipping was included for customers within the states, but shipping rates varied for international orders.

Based on some Twitter posts, it seems that Burnt Hair perfume was a blind purchase that left some customers asking, “What did I just buy?”

Now costs have skyrocketed. Some customers have been selling their presale orders through online commerce platforms, like Ebay.

Prices I’ve seen have been triple the original asking price. Some individuals are even asking for payment in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Where Can You Buy Burnt Hair Perfume?

Burnt Hair was originally made available for sale on October 11, 2022, on the Boring Company website. Burnt Hair perfume has officially been sold out since mid-October 2022.

Considering that this product was whimsically offered to customers, there’s no assurance that it’ll ever be placed on sale again. Buying Burnt Hair perfume might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Musk himself referred to Burnt Hair as a “limited edition collector’s item.”

As a result, you have opportunists selling their pre-sale purchases to you at a significantly marked up price.

So, you’ll see listings for the perfume on Ebay with prices ranging from $189 USD to over $10k USD. They aren’t actually selling a physical perfume bottle, so be weary of any individual who is claiming to ship you a physical product.

There should be a notation in the product listing that communicates that this is a presale. An estimated Q1 or Q2 2023 delivery time is acceptable but anyone claiming to have a product to ship out to you right away is misleading you if it’s prior to the first or second quarter of 2023.

Even so, the listings on Ebay seem to be more legitimate than ones I’ve seen on suspicious ecommerce websites.

Burnt Hair Perfumes is one such website. On the day that I visited, they claim to have “delivered 150 orders within the last 8 hours.” My assumption is that they meant to indicate that they’ve processed that many orders. But when reading the customer reviews, you would think that these individuals have already received the perfume in the mail.

With reviews like this one from “Madison:” “It was a great perfume, I recommend it to everyone.” Well, there’s no way that Madison can recommend the perfume because as we know, it doesn’t yet exist.

A person named “Emily” wrote, “The smell of Burnt hair perfume is very popular, I ordered too [sic]”

Many of them emphasize that there’s free shipping all over the world. My assumption is that that statement is in relation to the fact that the Boring Company charged for international shipping.

Their retail price is listed as $200 USD and as of the day of this posting, the bottles are on sale for $100 USD.

I would suggest that you avoid making a purchase on this website. It’s evidently misleading, and you may never actually receive the perfume in the mail once Musk’s team begins shipping them out next year.

Unless you’re willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars (some of them benefit charities), you may have missed your window for purchasing Burnt Hair perfume.

Alternatively, it’s possible that once the bottles do ship, and people experience the fragrance, you might be able to purchase a Burnt Hair at a consignment shop or through more legitimate online retailers.

What Does Burnt Hair Perfume Smell Like?

It’s possible that not even Elon Musk expected his fragrance to sell at all, let alone sell out within days. Ultimately, his Burnt Hair perfume listing turned out to be a presale. Burnt Hair perfume bottles have yet to ship out.

According to the Boring Company website, customers can expect to begin receiving orders for the perfume during the first quarter of 2023.

So, it’s questionable how Musk can refer to Burnt Hair as “the finest fragrance on earth” when it doesn’t yet exist. But that hasn’t stopped speculation from running rampant all over the Internet.

Text on the Boring Company website has offered hints, indicating that Burnt Hair perfume smells “just like leaning over a candle at a dinner table, but without all the work.”

Musk also described Burnt Hair as “an omnigender product” that is the “essence of repugnant desire.” How exactly one can distill and then bottle up that essence is questionable but if anyone can, it’ll likely be Elon Musk.

The South Africa-born billionaire has been quoted as stating, “I say something, and then it usually happens. Maybe not on schedule, but it usually happens.

Considering the fact that it can take twelve months or more to develop a fragrance, and Burnt Hair was thought up and offered for sale over the course of two months, I am skeptical about the quarter one 2023 shipment projection.

It’s possible that Burnt Hair perfume is another one of Musk’s projects that was spoken into existence but will require more time to come into fruition.

So, this is the kicker. No one knows how burnt Burnt Hair perfume smells. Its fragrance is as much of a mystery as the next random product churning inside Elon Musk’s mind. We’ll all just have to wait and “smell.”

Why Would Musk Sell Perfume?

Releasing random products that are seemingly unrelated to Musk’s larger business ventures isn’t uncommon for him.

In 2016 he released limited edition red short shorts with gold trim through the Tesla website.

Also announced through Twitter, the satin shorts with Tesla model names printed on the back sold out in under five minutes.

What is a Flamethrower?

And then in 2018, the Boring Company sold 20k flamethrower devices for $500 USD each. Law enforcement agencies around the globe frowned upon Musk’s wanton decision to manufacture what they’ve categorized as a weapon.

They felt that he was inconsiderate of others’ safety due to the fact that customers weren’t trained in how to properly use the machines. Musk earned over $3.5 million USD in flamethrower sales. Monies went to support projects related to his most recent startup, the Boring Company.

But what exactly is a flamethrower? According to Musk, flamethrowers are not really flamethrowers. In the same way that Magritte didn’t paint a pipe.

It turns out that Elon Musk and the Boring Company labeled the flamethrowers as not being such in order to skirt legal ramifications of their misuse.

Flamethrowers are basically propane torches ignited by Airsoft advanced battle rifles.

It follows that law enforcement agencies would have a problem with the unregulated sale and distribution of these devices.

In fact, there have been multiple arrests and raids revolving around these contraptions.

For instance, an American named Max Craddock decided to take his (not a) flamethrower with him to Italy where flamethrowers are illegal.

He spent one night in jail and was then transferred to prison where he stayed nearly a week. This was a minor inconvenience considering the fact that he was facing ten years in prison.

A London man’s home was raided by police who had a warrant to retrieve his flamethrower.

At least 1,000 of these flame-wielding rifles have been confiscated overseas. Many of these individuals are hit with hefty fines and face weapons charges.

There have been a few cases in the United States involving the use of flamethrowers as a weapon.

Flamethrowers might have been no more than an idea and means for raising funds for the Boring Company but it’s become more consequential than that to many individuals across the globe.

Tesla Tequila

During 2020, Musk took to Twitter selling bottles of an overpriced spirit, called Tesla tequila on April Fools’ Day. It sold out within hours. Musk charged $250 per bottle even though the California-based company that manufactured it, Nosotros Tequila, only charges $50 USD for an equivalent bottle.

Musk clearly has a pattern of pre-selling products that sell quickly but he may have met his match with the Burnt Hair fragrance. It’s not as easy to produce a fragrance so quickly unless he’d already been testing out scents. He might also go the route of his Tesla tequila by placing his name on an existing product.

What is the Boring Company?

Innovative and solution-focused, the Boring Company “creates safe, fast-to-dig, and low-cost, transportation, utility, and freight tunnels.”

Musk was prompted to start the company due to his frustrations with Los Angeles traffic. He has yet to build a tunnel in California, but he and his team have begun testing out underground tunnels in Las Vegas where the Boring Company is headquartered.

Their mission is to “solve traffic, enable rapid point-to-point transportation and transform cities.” Currently, the company uses Tesla vehicles to offer direct route underground transportation to customers using the Loop system located below the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Additional projects involve expanding the underground service area and adding express connections between popular attractions.

Musk has been quoted as stating that Burnt Hair perfume sales will help fund additional Boring Company projects. So, for the most part, dollars earned from perfume sales will help reduce traffic, make cities more aesthetically pleasing, and reduce travel time.


It’s typical for the polarizing billionaire Elon Musk to leverage his social media audience. As the second richest person in the world, he is well-versed on how to quickly raise revenue for his startup projects and keep them funded over time.

Burnt Hair perfume is “Coming soon from @BoringCompany, the same people that sold you a flamethrower.” And since they’re sold out, you either missed out, or will have to wait for prices to decline after the physical products have been shipped out.

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