11 Best Places to Buy Empty Perfume Bottles

Fragrances can be irresistible. Not only can you treat yourself with them, but you can also learn how to make your own for gifting or selling. But when making your own fragrance, you may wonder where to buy empty perfume bottles.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite vendors along with the best supplies from each one.

Buy Empty Perfume Bottles

11 Best Places to Buy Empty Perfume Bottles

When buying empty perfume bottles there are a number of things you want to investigate:

  • Types of bottles (size, shape, material)
  • Supplier location
  • Shipping options
  • Minimum order quantity

Since perfumes are mostly made of alcohol, you’ll probably want to stick with glass bottles to prevent your perfume from prematurely evaporating.

Whether you’re picking up your order or having it shipped, you’ll want to know where the supplier is located. If they’re in a different country, find out whether or not they ship to your country and at what cost.

Lastly, some vendors have a minimum order quantity. This likely won’t be a problem if you plan to sell the perfume and have a supply budget. If you’re simply making a few bottles of perfume, then this wouldn’t be the best supply route to take.

1. Perfume Bottles on Amazon

This is one of the more obvious places to purchase empty perfume bottles online. There are a lot of different vendors and bottle types.

When ordering supplies on Amazon it’s important to pay attention to the vendor, where it’s located, and whether they or Amazon will be shipping out your order. All of this information will help determine when and how your order will be shipped and the amount of time it takes to arrive.

If you’re facing time constraints, then you’ll want the order to be fulfilled by Amazon.

Empty Glass Spray Bottle

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My first bottle suggestion is this class clear glass spray bottle with silver banding. It comes with a funnel, pipette, and gift bag.

This bottle is best if you’re storing perfume for yourself or giving it away to one person as a gift. It holds 30 mL (1 fl oz) of liquid.

The design is simple, but elegant. It’s durable and easy to fill. Also ideal for sharing an existing bottle of perfume, the funnel and dropper make that easy.

Alternatively, if you have a cologne that you’d like to add whiskey to, then you can transfer some of your cologne to this empty bottle, and then add in the whiskey using the pipette.

Empty Matte Black Perfume Bottle Set

8 Pcs 30ml Perfume Bottles Empty Atomizer,Perfume Spray Bottle,Fine Mist Spray Bottles Composed of a Glass Bottle, a Black Acrylic Cap, And a Silver Sprayer (Black)
  • [Value Pack:] including 8 pcs black solid thick square glass spray bottle. Each perfume bottle is equipped with a separate box to prevent them from colliding with each other.
  • [Capacity:] 30mL (1.01Oz);3 types Can be selected.
  • [Package Included:] 8 vintage perfume bottles. We provide 3 kinds of aids for dispensing perfume: 1. Funnel 2. Dropper 3. Perfume Refill Transfer tool.
  • [Many uses:] Essential oils, aromatherapy, body mists, first aid kits, home remedies, homemade DIY sprays, natural perfumes, air fresheners, perfume sample bottles, etc.
  • [Easy to use and clean:] Because the pocket perfume bottle has a large opening when the lid is unscrewed, it is easy to refill. You can easily clean these cosmetic bottles.

For those who plan to create and give away a scent to multiple individuals, or sell them in small quantities, this set of eight empty bottles is ideal. Each bottle holds 30 mL (1 fl oz)

Considering the color of the bottles, you’d probably want to pour earthy, spicy, or gourmand fragrances inside of it.

In addition to the empty glass bottles and sprayers, you’ll receive two pipettes, two funnels, and two transfer tools. Caps are made of acrylic. The transfer tools can also be helpful if you want to combine existing fragrances into their own bottle for a unique scent.

Variety of Empty Vintage Perfume Bottles

H&D HYALINE & DORA Vintage Glass Perfume Bottles Empty Refillable Sprayer Bottle Fine Mist Spray Bottles Set of 5
  • Package included:5pcs clear glass perfume bottles empty with golden cap
  • Capacity:7/10/12/15/15ML;set of 5 glass perfume bottles,5 different capacities and 5 different shapes
  • MULTI-USE: Use them for anything! Cleaning sprays, rubbing alcohol, fragrances, face, hair and nail products, arts, crafts and more! Plastic Pipette and funnel make it easy to transfer to prevent spillage.
  • Elegant fine mist atomizer for perfume, with fine mist sprayer providing a fine mist spray. Large enough to spray directly into the mouth of the bottle to fill
  • Good After-Service: we will offer you help within 24h if you have any item problem

A set of five empty glass perfume bottles with gold caps; this set includes:

  • 1 x 7 mL (0.25 fl oz)
  • 1 x 10 mL (0.33 fl oz)
  • 1 x 12 mL (0.41 fl oz)
  • 2 x 15 mL (0.51 fl 0z)

This set is ideal when giving the same fragrance to multiple people. You can select the bottle that best fits each individual’s personality.

They’re also small enough to fit in a purse or bag to take with you while traveling or for reapplication throughout the day.

2. Business-Only Amazon

Alternatively, Amazon offers business-only pricing for large order wholesale purchases. Hospitals, local governments, and millions of businesses purchase supplies using Amazon Business.

After creating a free business account, you can decide which Business Prime tier you’d like to purchase in order to procure the best pricing, features, and benefits, like free shipping.

Four-tier pricing ranges from $179 USD for a Business Prime Essentials account to over $10k USD per year for their Enterprise account. You’d choose a tier based on the number of users as well as your purchasing needs.

3. Hodge-Podge Options on Ebay

There’s a wide variety of empty perfume bottle options on Ebay. Some of them are bottles that’ve been emptied of a fragrance. These are for those who want to collect an empty vintage bottle of Shalimar, for example.

If you care more about obtaining the bottle than the fragrance, then Ebay is an ideal place to hunt for empty bottles of vintage perfumes.

You might also find a lot of previously used but empty perfume bottles. But there are empty perfume bottles that’ve never been used on this website as well. If you’re looking for an unusual selection, you have to check out Ebay.

What’s most important on Ebay, though, is to pay attention to listing details, the shipping costs, and whether or not they accept returns.

4. Empty Perfume Bottles on Etsy

Etsy is another reliable resource for one of a kind empty perfume bottles. There are a lot of vintage and unused bottles on this website as well.

For instance, this set can be used as wedding party gifts, or as gifts for your wedding guests.

An elaborately designed miniature jug offers an interesting empty perfume bottle option.

When I searched for “empty perfume bottle” on Etsy, it yielded over 3,000 results. You can sort these results by price, shipping options, or shops with top customer reviews.

5. Uline Empty Roll-On Perfume Bottles

A popular supplier in the United States, Uline sells empty roll-on perfume bottles. If your perfume is made with essential oils, you should order the amber glass bottles. But if you’ve added a tint to your fragrance, then you’ll want to show it off in the clear roll-on bottles.

Each glass container is 10 mL (0.33 fl oz) with an opening that’s ⅜ inches in diameter. Roller balls are made of stainless steel and caps are made of polypropylene, a thermoplastic.

These bottles are sold by the case and prices vary based on the number of cases purchased. One case of one hundred bottles is the minimum order quantity. If you order three or more cases, the price per bottle drops by $0.05 cents. The price per bottle is $0.15 cents less for a bulk case of 600 roll-on bottles.

6. Alibaba Empty Perfume Bottles

Another quantity-based option is Alibaba. There are all kinds of empty spray bottles on this website – from the very basic to the luxurious.

In some cases, you can order as few as one bottle, but there are some minimum quantities as high as 10,000 units. You have to pay close attention not only to the quantities and where they’ll be shipped from but lead times as well.

For instance, in some cases, it can take 30 days for you to receive your order – even if it’s for one unit. In such situations, you have to ask yourself whether or not that lead time is worth it for a few bottles.

There are other vendors that have a shorter lead time, like one week, for smaller orders of 1 to 2,000 pieces.

You can find many unique bottle designs on this website, but you’ll probably want to be prepared to place larger orders when using Alibaba.

7. Global Sources Empty Perfume Bottle Supplier

Similar to Alibaba, Global Sources also offers a range of empty perfume bottles. If you’re looking to purchase bottles and caps separately, then there are many mix and match options on this website.

Shipping options are designed for larger corporations as there might be freight or cargo fees. You might also be charged logistical fees, so it’s important to research the vendor to understand all fees involved prior to placing an order.

If you want to brand your empty perfume bottles with etching, hot stamping, frost, or more, then it might be worth it to communicate with these sellers to inquire about your options and the fees involved.

8. Empty Perfume Bottles UK/Europe

This European supplier ships throughout Europe, and to the United States and Canada. But their lead time is short, it takes about two days for orders to be shipped out.

Empty perfume bottles can be purchased individually or in larger wholesale quantities.

A single unit, of course, is more expensive than purchasing multiple units. I also noticed that you could combine colors of the same bottle, if available.

This can be helpful if you want to assign a particular fragrance to each colored bottle within a collection. Or, if you want to pour the same fragrance into different bottles but test out the colors first.

9. Perfumer’s Apprentice Empty Perfume Bottles

Eight bottle options in sizes ranging from 15 mL (0.50 fl oz) to 100 mL (3.4 fl oz) are available for sale on Perfumer’s Apprentice.

This is a California-based company that offers perfuming classes as well. These empty bottles arrive unassembled, so you’d need a crimping machine to put the bottle components together once filled.

All of the perfume bottles are of high quality and made in France.

10. Empty Bottles & Packaging from Nemat International

A California-based company, Nemat International not only sells high quality perfume bottles, but you can also order packaging supplies, such as boxes and velveteen pouches to personalize your customer experience.

Perfume bottle options range from very basic vials to classic spray bottles, or decorative atomizers to larger vintage and/or elaborate perfume bottles.

You can choose to purchase 1, 12, 144, or 192 units of each bottle type, in multiple volumes.

Orders are shipped within the United States or to Canada within three business days.

11. Roetell Premium Empty Perfume Bottles

For a highly customized perfume bottle, Roetell not only sells them but manufactures them as well.

Roetell sells pre-made perfume bottles, and the minimum order quantity is 1,000 units. Perusing through their website, you can tell that their bottles are exquisite. The glass is UV-protected which prolongs the life of your fragrance and guards it from sun exposure.

But you can also enquire about custom-made perfume bottles. You can choose from one of four bottle sizes: 8 mL, 13 mL, 30 mL, or 50 mL. They design clear or colored glass bottles in various shapes from round to square, or unusual molds, like Carolina Herrera’s shoe design.

You can also choose whether you’d want customers to apply perfume with a sprayer or dabber. Customization extends to bottle neck size, closure options, not to mention decorative finishing options as well.

This supplier can offer an elevated experience for larger companies looking to brand their fragrance and distribute it on a broader scale.


Hopefully, this list helped you figure out where to buy empty perfume bottles.

The vendor you’d want to choose would depend on how you plan to use the bottles, how many bottles you need, the shape you’d prefer, shipping destination, and whether or not this is a one-time purchase.

It would mean a lot to me if you would share this article with someone you think it could help.


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