Is Microperfumes Legit? (My Opinion)

Discount fragrance websites like Microperfumes advertise low prices for premier products. They display all of the most popular fragrances next to graphics showcasing steep discounts, but is Microperfumes legit?

In terms of legally processing your orders and shipping authentic products to you in exchange for your purchase, Microperfumes is legit. But in terms of cost savings, I’d suggest you do more research before making a purchase. You may not be saving as much as they advertise.

Stick around, and I’ll share what I discovered while researching the legitimacy of this company. You might be surprised by what I found.

Is Microperfumes Legit

What Can You Find on

Microperfumes is a Calabasas, California-based company that solely sells brand name fragrances. In addition to full-sized bottles, they offer multiple decants.

One of their best sellers is small sample vials. Larger samples in spray bottles and sleek travel-size spray bottles are also available.

How Can Microperfumes Charge Low Prices?

Microperfumes isn’t transparent about how they build and maintain stock, but it’s likely that they’re able to purchase overstock in huge volumes, which lowers the price per bottle of fragrance.

They also don’t have a physical store with all of its associated overhead costs like commissions, salaries, store maintenance fees, and so forth.

Microperfumes seems to streamline their service department. Instead of operating a call center, customers can either start a chat with an answer bot on their website, submit a contact form, or reach out by email.

All of these low-cost methods of contact eliminate the need to purchase phones, additional phone lines, and pay salaries required to maintain a traditional customer service staff.

But Are Prices Actually Low?

There are some concerns about whether Microperfumes prices actually offer you a deal on fragrances.

For example, a sample of Santal 33 on Le Labo’s website costs $7 USD for 1.5 mL (0.05 fl oz). On Microperfumes a sample vial of Santal 33 costs $9.99 for 0.75 mL (0.02 fl oz). You’d be paying close to $3 more for less fragrance.

A sample spray bottle that’s 3.0 mL (0.1 fl oz) – twice the size of Le Labo’s sample vial, costs $23.99 on Microperfumes. You can purchase two sample vials equaling 3.0 mL directly from Le Labo for only $14 USD.

What about the full size bottle? Microperfumes must offer savings there, right? Umm. No.

A 50 mL (1.7 fl oz) bottle of Santal 33 has a $270 USD asking price on That same bottle only costs $215 USD on the Le Labo website.

Might this be an anomaly? Sadly, no.

When comparing another popular fragrance, you’d be better off going directly to the designer fragrance website.

Microperfumes offers two sample sizes, one travel size bottle, and a retail bottle of every fragrance. The retail bottle of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle contains 50 mL (1.7 fl oz) of eau de parfum and the asking price is $155 USD. The same bottle size has a retail price of $117 on the Chanel website.

Chanel samples are offered seasonally so that you can test out new product releases. Otherwise, you can pick up samples from the Chanel counter in your favorite department store.

That being said, if you’re unable to find a sample of the Chanel fragrance that you want to try prior to purchasing a larger bottle, then you might be better off buying a sample from

A Microperfumes sample vial of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle would run you $6.99 USD for 0.75 mL (0.02 fl oz). And a 5 mL (0.17 fl oz) travel size atomizer costs just under $25 USD.

On the other hand, Creed Aventus is actually discounted on For 100 mL (3.3 fl oz), Microperfumes charges $365 USD, but on the Creed website, the same bottle costs $495 USD.

What I conclude from this is that you have to do your research before making a purchase on Don’t assume that all prices are lower.

Does Sell Imitation Fragrances?

According to the company, all of the fragrances that they sell are 100% authentic. They have not been diluted or otherwise altered in any way.

The company states that samples are decanted from larger retail bottles. They don’t alter the fragrance during the process.

Microperfumes asserts that they sell products that are exactly the same as what you’d encounter in a retail store.

The Microperfumes Return Policy

Not all products are eligible for return to Microperfumes.

If you purchase any decanted products, like their sample vials, sample spray bottles, or travel-size atomizers, then your order is ineligible for a refund. This is their way of enforcing quality assurance.

Next, you should know that you’ll need to obtain a return authorization number before sending anything back to their company. And you must contact them within 30 days of receiving your order to initiate the return process.

Your refund excludes the initial shipping charge, and you’ll be responsible for the cost of shipping when returning the product to their company.

But if you received a damaged or defective item, then you can contact Microperfumes within two days of receiving the product for a replacement at no cost to you.

Microperfumes Customer Feedback

This company has an “excellent” rating score of 4.5 on Trustpilot. There are over 7,000 reviews and 81% of them are 5-star reviews.

Some of the highlights include efficient order processing, fast shipping, and a huge variety of scents to choose from.

Their biggest selling point seems to be their small sample vials. The scents in these vials are not watered-down or synthetic. Each fragrance smells like the original scent directly from the brand.

Another benefit of the sample vials is that customers can sample many more of the scents they’ve been wanting to try because these containers are so affordable on Microperfumes.

One of the biggest complaints about the company is the involuntary subscription opt-ins. After making a purchase, you’ll be asked if you want to enroll in their “Subscribe and Save” program. Many people simply click “Yes” without actually reading the words on the screen. They don’t fully understand what they’re opting into until they receive the first order in the mail a month later.

There are customers who assert that the fragrances they received had to have been inauthentic. According to my research, Microperfumes refunded some of these customers, but the company makes it a point to reiterate that they never altar any of the fragrances sold.

It wouldn’t hurt for you to scroll through Facebook reviews as well.

Should You Buy from

Your orders will be safely and securely processed on, and they’ll send out your order in an efficient manner.

If your primary goal is to sample premium fragrances that you can’t find at a lower price elsewhere, then Microperfumes is the perfect solution for that. Their sample prices are pretty reasonable for most scents.

Just be sure to read all of the text that appears on the screen post-purchase before clicking a response. You might end up unknowingly signing up to pay them more money.

Their travel size options are also convenient, but I’m not so sure that you’ll encounter savings when purchasing full-size bottles of fragrances. So, do your research.

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