Nautica Voyage vs Blue: Which One is Better for You?

As a fan of fresh personal fragrances, you know that you have many to choose from amongst the Nautica fragrance line. But with so many options, when considering Nautica Voyage vs Blue, which one is better for you?

As you know, selecting a fragrance is a very personal process and decision to make, but I’m going to share details of each fragrance with you in order to help make the choice easier for you.

Nautica Voyage vs Blue

Nautica Voyage vs Nautica Blue: Product Comparison

When a brand creates a fragrance collection, they have in mind the characteristics of a particular customer. For the Nautica brand, they appeal to customers who they consider wavemakers.

These are individuals who not only love and are inspired by the sea, they want to experience that level of joy and exploration in every area of their life.

Nautica fragrances are an extension of the pleasure, exploration, and intrigue that’s generated when connected to the sea.

Nautica partners with the global beauty company, Coty, to create “fresh fragrances that are Timeless, Confident, and Masculine.”

Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray

Nautica Voyage Eau De Toilette for Men - Fresh, Romantic, Fruity Scent Woody, Aquatic Notes of Apple, Water Lotus, Cedarwood, and Musk Ideal Day Wear 3.3 Fl Oz
  • ROMANTIC AND FRUITY: For an active and romantic man who lives by his own rules.
  • FRESH AND MASCULINE: Fresh and salty sea breeze that carries romantic scents of coastal herbs and woods.
  • VERSATILE AND LONG-LASTING: Can be worn casually or formally.
  • NAUTICA FRAGRANCES: Scents that support your curiosity for life, so that you are ready to take on the day, wherever it takes you.
  • English (Publication Language)

Initially launched in 2006, Nautica Voyage is a romantic aquatic fragrance reminiscent of woods that have washed ashore.

This bottle is 100 ml (3.3 fl oz), which can last you at least two years with daily use during the spring and summer.

You’ll experience average sillage. The scent is most prominent during the day, making for slightly less than moderate longevity, although some customers report that the scent lasts much longer than that.

Fragrance accords are as follows:

  • Head notes: apple, green leaves
  • Heart notes: lotus and mimosa
  • Base notes: musk, cedar, oakmoss, amber

The initial impression is fruity but fresh green leaves balance out the sweet apple notes. After the top notes dissipate, you’ll smell light and freshly aquatic lotus with powdery fresh mimosa notes. Mimosa also lends additional green accords, which extends the freshness of the top layer.

As Nautica Voyage sails on throughout the day, its woodiness really sets in. Moist woodiness of oakmoss is paired with soft cedarwood. One of a kind musk notes are balanced with sweet, balsamic amber.


  • Great value for the price
  • Fresh and woody fragrance
  • Moderate sillage
  • Great for casual use


  • Fades away in the evening
  • Not a year-round fragrance

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Nautica Blue Eau de Toilette Spray

Nautica Blue Eau De Toilette for Men - Invigorating, Fresh Scent - Woody, Fruity Notes of Pineapple, Water Lily, and Sandalwood - Everyday Cologne - 3.4 Fl Oz
  • ENERGETIC, & TIMELESS: Empowering him to inject his signature energy into each day.
  • CRISP AND FRESH: A new adventure for the senses. Reminds him of dipping his toes in the ocean on warm summer days with a cool ocean breeze.
  • UNIVERSAL AND LONG-LASTING: Perfect for everyday wear.
  • NAUTICA FRAGRANCES: Scents that support your curiosity for life, so that you are ready to take on the day, wherever it takes you.

Launched a year earlier, in 2005, Nautica Blue is another eau de toilette to be worn during warmer months. This spring and summer fragrance is most appropriate during the day but if you’re sailing the seas or hanging out on a beach at night, there’s no reason why you can’t reapply this fragrance at night.

Also aquatic, Nautica Blue is fruitier and more aromatic than Nautica Voyage. It’s also more of a close to skin fragrance. Sillage is mild. This scent lasts for a few hours during the day and will need to be reapplied if you want to continue smelling it in the afternoon.

Nautica Blue’s fragrance profile includes:

  • Head notes: pineapple, bergamot, peach
  • Heart notes: water lily and jasmine
  • Base notes: sandalwood, musk, cedar

As you can see, it’s far fruitier – peach and pineapple add syrupy sweet notes while bergamot brings crispness to the profile.

At the heart of this fragrance, water lily is a soft and fresh floral while jasmine is more heady, sweet, and green.

Mysteriously complex sandalwood is enhanced by cedarwood and both mingle with powdery muck notes.


  • Good value for the price
  • Well blended fragrance overall
  • Can be a spring and summer signature scent
  • More aromatic fragrance notes


  • Doesn’t last very long
  • More of an intimate fragrance – minimum sillage

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Nautica Voyage vs Blue: Face to Face Features

Prolific perfumer Maurice Roucel was the nose behind both fragrances and both are eau de toilettes, which explains why they perform best during the day. Neither one is designed to be worn for a full day into the evening.

While reapplication is possible and should be carried out if that’s your preference, these scents were designed to keep you fragrant during the day.

Nonetheless, you’ll receive an inexpensive fragrance that lasts at least four hours. The benefit of purchasing Nautica fragrances, though, is that they don’t smell like you’d expect a fragrance at their price point to smell like.

Neither one smells oddly perfumy, like the watered-down scents created for children to play with or young teens to wear.

Let’s look at them side by side.

Nautica Voyage vs Nautica Blue: Side by Side Comparison

Nautica VoyageNautica Blue
Year Launched20062005
Bottle Size100 mL (3.3 fl oz)*100 mL (3.4 fl oz)*
Fragrance ConcentrationEau de toiletteEau de toilette
Top Fragrance NotesApple
Green leaves
Middle Fragrance NotesLotus
Water lily
Base Fragrance NotesMusk
Expected SillageModerateIntimate
Expected LongevityModerateLow moderate
Asking Price💲💲

*Both bottles contain 100 mL of liquid, but conversion measurements vary by country. This is why one bottle is listed as containing 3.3 fl oz, and the other one, 3.4 fl oz. In both cases, I recorded the amount that was indicated on the fragrance packaging.

Since all of Nautica’s fragrances are aquatic, comparisons between them have to be more nuanced.

As you can tell by the chart, Nautica Blue is a fruitier scent, highlighting white floral notes with a woody base. Nautica Voyage on the other hand is fresher and has a sweeter woody base.

Due to its more prominent sillage, you’re more likely to get noticed while wearing Nautica Voyage. If you’re desiring for your scent to be noticeable, then you’ll want to choose Voyage over Blue.

Nautica Blue’s sillage is more intimate, meaning others will likely only smell it once they hug you or are in close proximity to you.

Nautica Voyage Stand Out Feature: Expanded Collection

Over the years Coty expanded the Nautica Voyage collection. There are three additional scents, two of which are equally aquatic but all three have varying additional accords.

The three scents are Nautica Voyage N-83, Nautica Voyage Sport, and Nautica Voyage Heritage.

Nautica Voyage N-83 Eau de Toilette Spray

Nautica Voyage N-83 Eau de Toilette for Men, 3.4 Fl Oz
  • Adventurous, Exhilarating, Boundless
  • For day and night
  • Long lasting Fresh Aromatic Woody scent

This is an aromatic aquatic fragrance that was released in 2013. The 100 mL (3.4 fl oz) bottle is within the same price range as the original Nautica Voyage.

Named for the founding year of the company, 1983, Nautica Voyage N-83 has more longevity, but don’t expect the same longevity as an eau de parfum.

Sillage is still moderate.

It’s a bolder, more vibrant fragrance than the original Voyage. This one has more fresh notes and the addition of spicy and herbal accords.

Top notes:

  • Sea notes
  • Petitgrain
  • Spicy mint

Middle notes:

  • Lavender
  • Cardamom
  • Nutmeg

Base notes:

  • Musk
  • Sandalwood
  • Cedarwood

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Nautica Voyage Sport Eau de Toilette Spray

No products found.

Released in 2016, Nautica Voyage Sport is a woody aromatic. The bottle volume is 100 mL (3.4 fl oz).

This is another casual scent to be worn during the day. Longevity and sillage are mediocre. Voyage Sport is much lighter than Voyage, so keep that in mind when making your choice.

The fragrance notes are also more complex; it’s a combination that not everyone gravitates to, so if you purchase this one, you may want to also buy one that you are more convinced you’ll enjoy wearing in case this one doesn’t appeal to you.

Top notes:

  • Sea notes
  • Citruses
  • Coriander
  • Sea salt

Middle notes:

  • Apple
  • Geranium
  • Palm leaf
  • Green pepper

Base notes:

  • Musk
  • Vetiver
  • Patchouli
  • Brazilian redwood

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Nautica Voyage Heritage Eau de Toilette Spray

Nautica Voyage Heritage, 3.4 Oz
  • Product Type:Personal Fragrance
  • Item Package Dimension:4.5 cm L X8.6 cm W X11.0 cm H
  • Item Package Weight:0.38 kg
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Base Notes Are Guaiac Wood & Sandalwood

Another woody aromatic Voyage Heritage was launched in 2018. This bottle is also 100 mL (3.4 fl oz).

Voyage Heritage is the most herbal and you can expect mediocre sillage and longevity.

Top notes:

  • Mint
  • Rosemary

Middle notes:

  • Lavender
  • Ginger

Base notes:

  • Sandalwood
  • Guaiac wood

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If you’re looking to shake it up a bit with a fresh but unique fragrance, then Voyage Sport might be most appealing to you. For a slightly stronger version of Nautica Voyage, try Voyage N-83. The last one, Voyage Heritage isn’t aquatic at all but does offer fresh herbal notes before drying down to woody notes.

There was another Nautica Blue fragrance released in 2017. It’s called Nautica Blue Sail, but its fragrance notes closely resemble Nautica Voyage, which I thought odd, so I didn’t think it merited a review.


Nautica Voyage and Nautica Blue are nice fragrances to add to your spring and summer collection. They both offer good value for the amount that you’re charged and will last on your skin at least half the day.

Choose Nautica Voyage if:

  • You want a nice but inexpensive fragrance
  • You prefer fresh and woody fragrance accords
  • You’re looking for a day fragrance for spring and summer

Choose Nautica Blue if:

  • You prefer fruitier, more aromatic fragrances
  • You don’t mind a scent with low sillage
  • You’re looking for a day fragrance for spring and summer

If you generally enjoy fresh aquatic fragrances, you probably can’t go wrong with either scent. But for sake of comparison, Nautica Voyage is more of a clean woody scent while Nautica Blue is sweeter, fruitier, and more aromatic.

They’re relatively inexpensive, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to order them both to have them on hand when the weather is warm.


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