How to Find a Perfume Without the Name? (Try This Way)

Have you ever been entranced by the intoxicating aroma of a perfume but couldn’t identify the name? Ah, the sweet irony! We all have, haven’t we? Well, you’re in luck! This article is a treasure chest brimming with tips and tricks for those scent detectives among us. We’re going on a quest, a fragrance quest! 

“Fragrance has the power to invoke memories and emotions, and we’re about to unleash that power. So tighten your seatbelts, and let’s embark on this wonderful, olfactory journey together!”

How to Find a Perfume Without the Name

1, Use Online Databases and Tools

Every perfume has a story, and if you can gather some clues, we can help you unlock the narrative. Are there details you can glean from the perfume? The brand, the color, the shape of the bottle, the notes, or maybe the year of release? All these are pieces of the puzzle. Now, you’re probably wondering, “Where do we use these clues?” 

We’re about to dive into the realm of online databases and tools, each a treasure trove of perfume lore.

  • Fragrantica: Picture an enormous library of perfumes, brimming with detailed information, user reviews, and vibrant photos. Not only can you search by name or brand, but you can delve deeper into the fragrance notes, groups, ingredients, and more.
  • Basenotes: Another vast repository of perfume knowledge, with the added bonus of dedicated forums. The search parameters extend to name, brand, notes, and even gender. Who knew perfumes could be so complex?
  • Parfumo: This comprehensive database boasts information, reviews, and photos. You can search by name, brand, notes, or even popularity. Isn’t it intriguing to know what scents are trending?
  • Perfume ID: Now this is where things get futuristic. This app employs artificial intelligence to identify perfumes from photos. Simply snap a picture of the bottle or the packaging and let the app work its magic against its extensive database.

Let’s demystify the world of unidentified perfumes together, shall we?

2, Ask Experts and Enthusiasts

Lost in the sea of fragrances, aren’t we? But fret not! If your detective skills are failing you in the quest for that elusive scent, or if your Google search has turned into a wild goose chase, it’s time to call in the experts. Who, you ask? Well, let’s find out! 

  1. Perfumers: These are the artists behind the art of perfumery. With a keen nose and a wealth of experience in fragrance composition, these professionals might just be your ticket to finding that nameless perfume. Simply reach out to them through their websites or social media accounts. They’re usually more than happy to share their expertise.
  2. Fragrance Consultants: Ever encountered those knowledgeable folks at department stores or specialty shops who seem to know all there is about perfumes? They’re called fragrance consultants. Armed with in-depth knowledge and training about fragrances, they can guide you towards the scent you’re seeking.
  3. Fragrance Bloggers: These are the folks who turn their passion for perfumes into words. They often review both new releases and classics, providing an invaluable guide for fragrance enthusiasts. You can follow their blogs or social media accounts to engage in discussions or ask for help.
  4. Fragrance Communities: These are groups of fragrance lovers who share their insights and recommendations on platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, or Discord. Joining these online communities might lead you to the perfume you’ve been searching for. After all, what better way to find a perfume than to ask a bunch of people who love perfumes as much as you do?

Remember, the world of fragrances is vast and diverse, and there’s always someone out there who can help you find what you’re looking for.

3, Use Your Senses and Memory

Got a whiff of a scent that’s lingered in your mind, but don’t know the name? Fear, for we have some tricks up our sleeve to help you find that elusive perfume. We’re about to explore how to use your senses and memory to track down the fragrance that has got you under its spell. Ready? Let’s dive in. 

  • Smell: The most vital tool in your arsenal, your sense of smell. Try to recollect the fragrance, and compare it with other perfumes you come across. Do you remember where you last encountered it? Perhaps a boutique, a hotel, or at a friend’s place. A revisit might just jog your scent memory.
  • Sight: Another handy sense. Attempt to recall the bottle’s appearance – its color, shape, size, or label. Keep an eye out for visual cues – a logo, a name, or a symbol perhaps.
  • Touch: Odd as it may seem, the texture of the bottle or packaging can be a clue. Is it smooth, rough, or unusually heavy? Touch fabrics, jewelry, or souvenirs that you associate with the perfume.
  • Taste: Don’t swallow that perfume! But do acknowledge if the scent reminds you of a particular taste. Is it sweet, bitter, or spicy? Maybe a certain food or drink mirrors its notes?
  • Sound: Ever listened to a perfume? The click of the cap, the sound of the spray, or the splash when applied can all be clues. Certain songs, voices, or noises can also evoke the scent.
  • Memory: This is your secret weapon. Do you remember when, where, or why you first smelled it? Maybe you recall who was with you, or what you were doing? Engage in activities that might trigger the memory, such as reading, writing, or meditating.

And that, my friend, is how you transform into a perfume detective. It’s not always easy, but there’s a certain thrill in the chase, isn’t there? The satisfaction when you finally find the elusive fragrance is simply unparalleled. Happy hunting!

4, Use Social Media and Online Platforms

Got a photo or a description of your elusive perfume? Fantastic! We can now embark on a journey of scent discovery, using the power of social media and online platforms. And who knows? Perhaps, along the way, we might stumble upon a few other gems as well. So, are you ready to put on your detective hat and get to the bottom of this mystery? Let’s get started! 

Remember, in the world of perfumes, every clue counts!

Here’s a list of social platforms that you can use to ask for help from users around the globe: 

  1. Instagram: The Photo-centric Haven. This is a platform where you can share photos and videos with your followers or the public. Got a photo of your perfume bottle? Post it up with hashtags such as #perfume, #fragrance, or #sotd (scent of the day) and see the magic happen. Who knows, you might just find a fellow fragrance lover who recognizes your mystery scent!
  2. TikTok: The Viral Video Paradise. Here, you can create and watch short videos with music, filters, or effects. Why not make a video of your perfume and use hashtags such as #perfume, #fragrance, or #dupe? The TikTok community is quick to respond. You might just find someone who can identify your perfume or suggest a similar one!
  3. Pinterest: The Idea Board. This platform allows you to discover and save ideas for different projects and interests. If you search for images of perfumes that match your criteria, you might just strike gold. Or better yet, create a board with your perfume and see if anyone can pin a name or a link to it. This could turn into a fun, engaging project, wouldn’t you agree?

 So, are you ready to start your social media quest for the name of your perfume? Remember, the internet is a vast, interconnected world of information, and with the right resources and a keen sense of smell, we can solve this mystery together!

5, Use Online Quizzes and Surveys

Struggling to find that perfect perfume? Or maybe you’re seeking a new scent to match your changing style? The world of perfumery can certainly be overwhelming! But don’t worry, the internet provides an easy solution. Explore different fragrances from home with online quizzes and surveys. 

These digital tools are like your personal perfume sommeliers, ready to match your personality, mood, style, and lifestyle to an array of fragrances. Let’s take a look at some of these virtual consultants: 

  1. Scentbird: A slick website that goes beyond merely selling perfumes. It offers a monthly subscription service for perfumes and employs a comprehensive quiz to gauge your preferences, personality, mood, and occasion. The result? Personalized recommendations that make a statement about you.
  2. Fragrance Finder: Need help finding your signature scent? Fragrance Finder is your answer. By answering a series of questions about your style, lifestyle, and favorite scents, you can access a list of perfumes curated just for you.
  3. Perfume Society: For those of you who revel in staying informed, Perfume Society offers information, news, and events related to the alluring world of perfumes. Here, a survey about your fragrance habits, likes, dislikes, and wishes, will paint a fragrance family profile, giving you an insight into your scent personality.
  4. Sephora Fragrance Finder: A quiz that takes into account your gender, age range, scent preferences, and occasions will present a selection of perfumes tailored to your needs.

So, ready to embark on your scented journey? It’s high time we take advantage of these digital miracles, don’t you think?

6, Visit a Perfume Store and Try Fragrance Samples

Ever wondered if there’s a way to resolve the frustration of losing the name of your favorite perfume? Well, my friend, the answer is yes. Let’s embark on a journey to your local perfume store, shall we? 

Imagine the familiar scent of the perfume section. That’s right, a world of endless possibilities awaits you. Here’s how you can use this fragrant haven to rediscover your long-lost scent: 

  1. Consult with shopkeepers: These individuals are trained in the art of scent and can help you find a perfume that matches your description or similar scents.
  2. Try fragrance samples: Perfume stores typically have a vast selection of samples. You never know, your favorite scent could be waiting amongst them. Don’t be shy about testing them out, that’s what they are there for!

You might ask, “What if I can’t find the exact scent?” Fear not, as we venture deeper into the perfume store, we might just find a new favorite in the selection. Besides, isn’t variety the spice of life? 

Remember, the journey of rediscovering your favorite fragrance can be as exciting as the destination itself. So, take your time, explore, and enjoy the quest.

7, Check Fragrance Reviews

Ever found yourself adrift in a sea of perfumes, unable to recall the name of that elusive scent that captured your heart? Fear not, fellow olfactory adventurers, for we are here to navigate these aromatic waters together. 

The world of fragrance, though enchanting, can feel like a labyrinth at times. We find ourselves trapped between the Eau de This and the Parfum de That, all the while yearning for that one scent we can’t quite name. Here’s where fragrance reviews come to our rescue. How so? you might ask. Let’s unravel this together. 

  • Common Scents: Reviews often contain descriptions of the perfume’s central notes. Does your mystery scent have a floral heart, or perhaps a spicy kick? By matching these elements with those described in reviews, you might just stumble upon your elusive elixir.
  • Similar Perfumes: Frequently, reviewers will compare scents to other, more well-known perfumes. If your fragrance shares similarities with a common perfume, sifting through its reviews could lead you to your unnamed fragrance.

So, don your detective hat and dive into the endless sea of perfume reviews. In this vast ocean of scents, your perfume is waiting to be rediscovered, even if its name currently escapes you. 

Remember, the journey to find your perfume may be long and winding, but it’s also filled with the joy of discovery and the thrilling chase of the unknown.

Why Finding a Perfume Without the Name Is Challenging

Deep in the world of perfumes, we find ourselves in a labyrinth of notes, ingredients, and fragrances. It’s an olfactory journey, and by ‘eck, it’s a fascinating one. But what happens when we stumble upon a scent we can’t quite put a name to? Oh, the frustration, right? 

  • Perfumes are complex creations that can have hundreds of ingredients and notes. Think of them like a symphony where each instrument plays its part to create the overall masterpiece. Isn’t that just a whiff of wonder?
  • Perhaps even more intriguing is the fact that perfumes can smell different on different people, depending on their skin chemistry, body temperature, and lifestyle. So, a fragrance that hints at vanilla and roses on your friend, might smell like citrus and sandalwood on you. It’s like your body’s own magic trick, isn’t it?
  • Remember, folks, perfumes can change over time, due to exposure to light, heat, air, and moisture. So, that fragrance you’ve been saving for special occasions might not smell so special after a few years. A bit of a party pooper, eh?
  • And finally, let’s not forget that perfumes can be hard to describe, as scent is a subjective and personal experience. What smells heavenly to you might not to someone else. It’s like trying to describe a sunset to someone who’s never seen one, isn’t it?

So there you have it. Decoding perfumes can be as intricate as a Sherlock Holmes mystery. But isn’t that part of the fun? Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the enchanting world of fragrances, where every scent tells a story.


Well, are we not quite the olfactory detectives now? The journey of finding a perfume without its name might have seemed like an odyssey, but who doesn’t love a good challenge? It’s like a fragrant game of hide-and-seek, isn’t it? 

Around 20% of perfume consumers rely on visual cues, such as the bottle or packaging, to identify their favorite fragrance. With a plethora of methods at your disposal, remember, the right one depends on your unique situation and personal preference. A test of patience, effort, and a smidge of luck, it’s all part of the aromatic adventure, as we unravel the mystery one note at a time. 

Remember, the aroma of the chase is just as thrilling as the catch itself. So take a deep breath, and dive into the world of scents. After all, who knows which fragrant wonder you might stumble upon next?

So, are you ready to embark on this scintillating journey of scent discovery? Of course you are, and we’re right here beside you, every step of the way. Happy sniffing!


Hello and welcome to Fragrance Advice! My name is Grace Young, and I’ve been drawn to fragrances since I was a little girl. There's just something about scent that brings me so much joy! 

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