Melanie Martinez Perfume Review, What Does It Smell Like?

If you’re a perfume aficionado or a big fan of Melanie Martinez, or both, then we’re about to take you on a captivating olfactory journey. Ever wondered what Melanie Martinez’s perfume smells like? Hint: It’s as enchanting and multi-faceted as the star herself. 

Prepare to dive into a world of rich scents and breathtaking blends. From first sniff to the lasting trail it leaves behind, you’re going to find out all about Melanie Martinez’s signature fragrance – combat boots and flower crowns not required! 

Remember, a perfume is like a personal signature, which is why the scent you choose says a lot about who you are. So, what will Melanie’s signature perfume say about her?

Melanie Martinez Perfume Review

The Scent Profile of Melanie Martinez’s Perfume

Every scent tells a unique story, and Melanie Martinez’s perfume is no different! Prepare yourself to step into a dreamy world of whimsy, emotions, and sensory delight. This fragrance is a tantalizing blend designed to mesmerize and tantalize the senses. So what does it smell like, you may wonder? Let’s embark on this olfactory journey together. 

First and foremost, your nose will delight in a sweetly intoxicating blend of burnt caramel and strawberry top notes from the very first spritz. It’s a guns-blazing introduction, rich, playful, and undeniably mouthwatering. It’s like walking into a vintage candy shop, full of sticky sweets and comforting memories, taking you back to childhood moments. 

As it settles down, the perfume starts to reveal its heart: a luring symphony of rich gardenia and jasmine aromas. Delicate, feminine, and incredibly vibrant, these floral notes create an enchanting bouquet that’s as enchanting as it is evocative. 

Then comes the dry down. This is where the scent begins to unveil its deeper, more mysterious side. A blend of woodsy notes balanced by creamy vanilla seduces your senses into a warm and comforting embrace. It’s like curling up with a good book on a rainy day, comforting and incredibly sensual. 

Have you ever embarked on such an aromatic journey before? It’s about time you did. I tell you, Melanie Martinez’s perfume has an olfactory narrative that’s as captivating as the woman herself.

When Did Melanie Martinez Perfume Come Out

Are you thinking it’s been a while since Melanie brought out her signature fragrance or are you new to this sweet revelry? Well, let’s journey back a bit in time. The unique, eclectic artist Melanie Martinez, known for her hauntingly beautiful music, made her first foray into the world of perfumery in 2016. The perfume, Cry Baby Perfume Milk, was a tantalizing new adventure for her creative expression. 

It’s a fair reminder that Melanie isn’t just a singer and songwriter. Her artistic instincts also extend to creating something that’s more than music − a personal olfactory experience for her fans. The perfume wasn’t just a random commercial product; it was a carefully curated scent experience, directly from the heart and mind of Melanie herself. Interesting, right?

What Makes Melanie Martinez’s Perfume Stand Out

What sets Melanie Martinez’s perfume apart from the sea of scents out there, you wonder? Well, there’s no single answer, but a symphony of reasons. It’s like asking why Mozart’s sounds are unforgettable. But let’s try to articulate! 

The Unique Aromatic Profile 

For starters, the olfactory pyramid of Melanie Martinez’s perfume, Cry Baby, is a unique combination. It offers initial notes of strawberry and dark cherry, a heart of honey and mimosa, and base notes of oaky wood and amber. The resulting scent is sweet, slightly spicy, and warm, unlike any other perfume on the market. 

Inspired Packaging 

Next, let’s look at the packaging. Anyone familiar with Melanie Martinez’s aesthetic knows she doesn’t do things halfway, and her perfume is no exception. The perfume is not just a fragrance; it’s an experience. Housed in a vintage-inspired milk bottle, it conjures up images of innocent childhood nastalgia, perfectly embodying the Cry Baby persona the singer is known for. 

High-Quality Ingredients

Cry Baby is also crafted from high-quality ingredients, resulting in a long-lasting fragrance that lingers on the skin for hours. Plus, the perfume is cruelty-free, showing that Martinez cares for her fans’ ethics as well as their noses. 

The Melanie Effect 

And let’s not forget the Melanie factor. As an artist, Martinez has never shied away from being different. Her perfume line echoes her unique style and persona, inviting fans to experience the world through her sensory lens. Martinez’s strong influence gives this perfume an intimate touch, allowing fans to carry a piece of her wherever they go. 

So there you have it! Melanie Martinez’s perfume stands out because of its distinctive scent profile, its thoughtfully designed packaging, its high-quality, cruelty-free ingredients, and, of course, the Melanie effect. Smelling good has never felt more like a rock concert.

The Reviews Are In: What Fans Think of Melanie Martinez’s Perfume

Imagine opening a fan mail box, ripe with the fragrance of enthusiasm and excitement. That’s the kind of sentiment shared by Melanie Martinez fans about her perfume. Look around various forums, beauty blogs, and social media platforms and you will see a multitude of adoring comments and rave reviews. 

An Explosion of Affection 

Fans can’t get enough of the scent. It’s been described as “a uniquely enticing blend of sweetness and spice, just like Melanie’s music.” Many users appreciate the perfume’s excellent longevity and the way the scent intermingles intriguingly with their own natural aroma. 

The ‘Cry Baby’ Aesthetic 

More than just its scent, die-hard fans admire the attention to detail and thought put into the perfume’s presentation. The Cry Baby Perfume Milk bottle, shaped like a vintage milk bottle with Martinez’s signature heart stamped on it, has become a favorite among collectors. Fans have even gone to the extent of calling it a “collectible that smells divine”. Perhaps it’s not surprising, considering Melanie’s unique and intriguing aesthetics. 

Just a whiff of Mixed Reviews 

As with any product, there are a few naysayers who express differing opinions. A handful of users have commented that the scent could be pretty strong upon initial application, but the majority still find the intensity to be just right after mellowing down. And hey, isn’t that what a perfume is supposed to do? 

Fan Verdict 

All in all, if the fan reviews are anything to go by, Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby Perfume Milk is a big hit. So if you are into perfumes that tell a story, have a unique scent profile, and come in an eye-catching package, you might want to consider giving it a sniff— or perhaps spritz.

How to Wear Melanie Martinez’s Perfume

Picture this: A brand new bottle of Melanie Martinez’s perfume graces your vanity and you’re ecstatic to let this signature scent waft around you. But, do you know the best way to wear it? Say no more! Here’s a quick guide to get the most out of your perfume. 

Prep The Skin 

Like any great work of art, your perfume needs a good canvas. Prepping your skin, especially on the places you’ll spray the scent, helps the longevity of the scent on your skin. So, freshen up with a quick wash and hydrate your skin with an unscented lotion. 

Spray It Right 

Now about the actual spritzing. Less is more, friend! One to two sprays are usually enough. Martinez perfume is enchanting without having to bathe in it. Aim for pulse points like your wrists, the base of your throat, even behind your ears. The warmth of these points helps disperse the scent throughout the day. 

Don’t Rub, Dab! 

Ever noticed how people rub their wrists together right after spraying perfume? Despite it being a common practice, it’s a no-go. It can crush the top notes of the perfume and alter the overall scent. Instead, gently dab your wrists together or let the perfume air dry

Layer It Up 

The most innovative bit? Layer your perfume! Martinez’s perfume has a unique mix of scents that are absolute beauty when layered with similar fragrance notes. Wearing a vanilla-based body lotion? This perfume on top will make it out of this world divine! 

Store it Correctly 

Last but definitely not least, remember to store your perfume correctly. Keep it away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. This will make sure your Melanie Martinez perfume keeps its signature scent. 

And there you have it — a handy guide to wearing Melanie Martinez’s perfume. Now you can waft around in your day-to-day life spreading the engaging, inviting and uniquely ‘Melanie’ aroma around you.

How Much Is the Melanie Martinez Perfume

Get ready for some sweet news, folks! Melanie Martinez’s perfume captures her essence perfectly, but how about its cost? Well, don’t worry, you won’t have to dip into your college fund just yet! The perfume, in all its scented glory, is priced moderately. So, while it’s not the cheapest on the market, it won’t break the bank either. At the time of writing, a 75ml bottle of Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby Perfume Milk typically retails between $50 and $60. 

This pricing might give some of you a slight pause, especially if you’re typically a body-spray-from-a-drugstore type of a person. But, let me assure you that investing in Martinez’s perfume is totally worth it. The perfume offers an exceptional fragrance experience and it doesn’t fade away as quickly as cheaper perfumes tend to do. So, in the long run, the value you get from this perfume totally justifies the price. 

But wait, there’s more! Keep an eye on online retailers and her official website for deals. Discounts or coupled purchases with her music albums are common and mean you can snatch a fantastic deal if you’re patient. Keep in mind though, cheaper is not always better. Counterfeit products are common in the perfume world, so make sure you’re buying from an authorized vendor. 

Doesn’t that make you feel less guilty about treating yourself? Now go ahead, add Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby Perfume Milk to your cart; you deserve it!

Where to Buy Melanie Martinez’s Perfume

Now that we’ve piqued your interest in Melanie Martinez’s perfume, you might ask, “Where can I get my hands on this product?” Well, fret not, we’ve got you covered. There are several ways and places where you can procure this exotic fragrance, and we’re here to guide you through all the available avenues, both online and offline. 

Online Purchase: 

  • Official Website: The best way to ensure you’re getting the real McCoy is directly from Melanie’s official merchandising website. Purchasing through her website assures a legitimate product and supports the artist directly.
  • Amazon: Of course, how can we forget our beloved global marketplace? Melanie’s perfume is available on Amazon, offering international shipping for fans around the world. Do check seller ratings and reviews to make sure you get the genuine article.
  • eBay: For those who like to sniff out a deal, eBay can be an excellent place to find Melanie’s perfume, sometimes at discounted prices. However, same as Amazon, look for reputable sellers to be sure of the authenticity.

Offline Purchase: 

  • Department Stores: Renowned department stores, usually found in the mall, carry a variety of perfumes and fragrances. More often than not, you’ll be able to find Melanie’s perfume stocked on their shelves.
  • Sephora: This global beauty retailer, known for stocking a comprehensive range of fragrances, also includes Melanie’s perfume in their inventory.

As with any online or offline purchase, ensure you’re buying from a reputable source to avoid counterfeit or knockoff versions of the perfume. 

Alternatives to Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Perfume Milk

Sure thing, you already know the unique, deliciously mischievous scent profile of Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby Perfume Milk. But what if you’re looking for a similar olfactory experience with a slight twist? Let’s explore some alternatives that could become your new fragrance match. 

Ariana Grande Cloud 

Firstly, let me introduce you to Ariana Grande Cloud. It’s been known for featuring a dreamy burst of lavender blossom, pear and bergamot, giving it a sweet but refreshing scent. Its dry-down comprises creamy coconut and vanilla orchid, which could remind you of melanie’s perfume. The scent is soft, fluffy and simply, well, cloud-like – living up to its namesake in every sense. 

Katy Perry’s Mad Love 

Alternatively, you might want to gamble on Katy Perry’s Mad Love. A fragrance that’s as enthralling as its creator, Mad Love, like Cry Baby Perfume Milk, has a fruity, floral blend of apple, strawberry, and pink grapefruit leading the way. Its underlying tone, however, offers a more seductive finish with sandalwood and musk softening the sweet punch. Katy Perry herself called it a masterpiece! 

Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods 

Lastly, let’s walk into the fragrant forest with Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods. Rich with notes of berry, mimosa, apricot, cypress, and musk, this scent is a captivating blend that offers a unique, deeper twist to the sweetness found in Melanie’s perfume. It’s earthy, woodsy, and yet, it still manages to retain a surprising hint of sweetness. One might say it’s poetically enchanting. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Fragrances are like fingerprints, no two are alike, and each has its own personality. So, bust a move and give these alternatives a whirl. You may just surprise yourself and find a new signature scent. Or even better, discover that nothing quite matches the charming seductiveness of the Cry Baby Perfume Milk. In the end, who knows, right? 


In wrapping up, it’s clear that Melanie Martinez’s perfume offers a very distinct, memorable and signature scent. The fragrance elegantly translates Melanie’s bewitching persona into a bottle, perfect for those who are daring and appreciate unique blends of scents. 

“If you love sweet and spicy notes combined with an earthy finish, this perfume is a must-try. Whether you’re a fan of Melanie’s music or just an adventurous perfume collector, diving into this aromatic experience will be like a melodious symphony to your olfactory senses.”

 Isn’t it about time you gave it a try? Explore the world of Melanie’s perfume and let your senses be captivated. And remember, it’s not just a perfume, it’s an experience. 


Hello and welcome to Fragrance Advice! My name is Grace Young, and I’ve been drawn to fragrances since I was a little girl. There's just something about scent that brings me so much joy! 

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