What Cologne Does Drake Wear? (Quick Facts)

If you’ve ever caught a whiff of a certain individual’s cologne and thought to yourself, “gosh, they smell divine”, you’re not alone. With the right scent, one can evoke an array of emotions and create a lasting impression. And who better to discuss in terms of creating lasting impressions than the multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning artist, Drake

Drake is often associated with “Tom Ford Tuscan Leather,” a fragrance he references in his song of the same name. The cologne features notes of saffron, raspberry, and leather.

Just imagine strolling into a room, and someone whispers,

“You smell like Drake” That’s definitely a compliment, right? 

But what cologne does the undeniable king of Rap and R’n’B wear? In this article, we’re going to unravel this aroma-based mystery.

What Cologne Does Drake Wear

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Cologne

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather 1.0 oz / 30 mL Eau de Parfum Spray
  • TOM FORD Tuscan Leather 1.0 oz / 30 mL Eau de Parfum Spray
  • TOM FORD Tuscan Leather
  • 1.0 oz / 30 mL
  • English (Publication Language)

Ever wondered what charm does Drake wrap himself in? What’s that irresistible scent that leaves you spellbound when he walks past? Well, we have an answer for you; voila, it’s the Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Cologne. Now, you might be wondering, what does this ultra-refined cologne smell like? 

“Tom Ford Tuscan Leather is an exquisitely crafted fragrance, a heavenly concoction that merges notes of leather and wood with unexpected tonalities of sweet undertones to create an intoxicating aroma.”

Breaking Down The Notes 

Let’s break it down for you for a better understanding. How about a whiff of detailed fragrance notes that makes up this striking scent? 

  • Top Notes: This is what strikes your senses first. The top of the fragrance starts with an unusual blend of saffron, raspberry, and thyme, creating an inviting opening statement.
  • Heart Notes: This is where the magic happens, aka the ‘heart’ of the perfume. It generously offers notes of olibanum and night blooming jasmine, a scent that’s both sweet and subtly floral.
  • Base Notes: The grand finale is witnessed exclusively by the base notes. Here the protagonist is leather, backed with support from amber and woody notes, presenting an alluring and intense aroma that carries the comforting vibe of supple leather mixed with a hint of smoky incarnations.

 So, there you have it. That’s the magic potion that Drake uses to mesmerize us with. Ain’t it astounding?

And Two More

In addition to Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Cologne, Drake likes to wear two other colognes, the Clive Christian cologne,and  Drakkar Noir.

Clive Christian Cologne

V for Men Type Clive Christian Impression By Matchperfume 1.7 oz Oil Spray Perfume c.clive Type Alternative Cologne Quality Fragrance Oils.
  • Very concentrated fragrance so it going to last on you for long hours
  • All our perfumes are made in France and they are top quality.
  • Makes a great gift
  • Spray cap
  • Our perfume is " perfume type" and Not affiliated with designer brands.

Clive Christian Cologne is a long-lasting fragrance that’s as complex and captivating as Drake’s discography itself. It’s safe to say, if you want to smell like Drake, you gotta be prepared for a scent experience that’s nothing short of exquisite. 

The fragrance notes of this luxurious cologne can be divided into three main groups: 

  • Top Notes: These are the initial scents that hit your senses after the spray. In Clive Christian Cologne, the top notes are a magical mixture of apple, bergamot, and blackcurrant.
  • Heart Notes: The heart, or middle notes, form the core scent of the cologne. This cologne is a sensual symphony of rose, jasmine, and spice on an orchestral scale.
  • Base Notes: The base notes are the final fragrance notes that appear once the cologne has dried down. Clive Christian boasts robust base notes featuring the warm tones of amber and vanilla, infused with the woodsy richness of cedar and sandalwood.

You might say, just like Drake’s music, Clive Christian Cologne is a blend of sweet high notes and rich deep tones. It’s a melody that stays with you, a fragrance that commands attention. That’s Drake’s vibe, right?

And that, my friend, is what a cologne that costs more than some people’s rent smells like. Feeling like spraying some on?

Drakkar Noir Cologne

Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 6.7 Ounces,Eau De Toilette Spray,Floral,6.7Fl Oz
  • THE DRAKKAR NOIR EXPERIENCE - A sensual and powerful eau de toilette fragrance for men by renowned French fashion designer Guy Laroche
  • TOP NOTES - The defining scent is infused with top notes of Basil, Lavender, and Lemon
  • HEART AND BASE NOTES - Work together to reveal Angelica, Juniper, and Woody Cedar and Pine notes
  • PERFECT FOR DAY OR NIGHT - Use the spray daily to truly embody the Drakkar Noir Man - with qualities of strength, boldness and emotion
  • A GIFT FOR HIM - With a stimulating and warm essence, the Drakkar Noir scent will add some spice to your life, making it a great gift for any occasion

First off, what the heck does Drakkar Noir even smell like? Well, hang on tight, because this fragrance isn’t for the faint-hearted. 

Often described as a powerful, intense, and aromatic scent, Drakkar Noir is a distinctive blend that can leave anyone thunderstruck. It’s just like a Drake track, you just can’t ignore it!

  • Top notes: The first wave hitting your senses includes a refreshing mix of rosemary, artemisia, lavender, basil, lemon verbena, bergamot, and lemon. Kind of like the opening verse of a Drake song, these notes capture your attention from the start.
  • Middle notes: As the scent progresses, the heart notes come into play. These include coriander, carnation, cinnamon, juniper, and jasmine. Complex, right? Just like Drake’s discography.
  • Base notes: And finally, the base notes which consist of leather, sandalwood, fir, amber, patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, and cedar. These are the grounding, long-lasting notes. Just like the indelible impression Drake’s music leaves on you, these base notes are what stay with you long after the initial scent has dissipated.

To sum it up, Drakkar Noir smells like a mix of fresh herbs, warm spices, and deep woodsy theme. It’s not just a cologne, it’s a statement, much like our very own Drake.

Should You Wear Drake’s Favorite Fragrance

Okay, so Drake smells awesome. No real surprise there, right? The man’s taste is as sharp as his lyrics. But hang on a second, let’s consider the key question here – should you start spritzing yourself with Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather just because it’s our beloved Drake’s number one scent? 

Well, not so fast, my friend. Let’s not forget that a fragrance isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. What creates an irresistible allure for Drake might leave you smelling like you’ve been wrestling with a wild boar. Or, you know, not. But you get the point. Perfume is a very personal thing, a sort of invisible signature that you carry around with you, intertwined with your very essence. 

So, before you rush out to your nearest high-end boutique, slow down and consider your own scent preferences. Do you enjoy the rich, masculine notes of leather and sweet raspberry that define Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather? Or does your nose tend to veer towards fresher, aquatic scents? Or perhaps you’re more of a woody-oriental kind of guy? 

In any case, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that wearing the same cologne as Drake will magically give you his charm, talent or success. You, my friend, are an original and your fragrance should reflect that. 

But hey, if after all this, you still find yourself drawn to the sophisticated blend of Drake’s famed cologne, by all means, go for it! Smell like a superstar, strut your stuff and rock that Tuscan Leather! Who knows, you might even get photographed by the paparazzi, mistaken for Drake himself. Now, wouldn’t that be a hoot?


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