5 Best Teakwood Fragrances for Men In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

Hey there! Welcome to my best teak wood fragrances review for 2023.

I spent over 40 hours researching and testing a dozen of the most popular teak fragrances that I could find. Then I ranked them based on ingredients, fragrance quality, scent note placement, and value for your money.

These are by far the best teak fragrances of the group.

While teak isn’t the most expensive, this slow growing wood is rather costly, making it a pricy and rare fragrance ingredient. It’s less commonly used in colognes and perfumes than cedarwood, birch, sandalwood, oak, or wood blends.

Ready to experience exquisite teak wood without having to test out dozens of fragrances for yourself?

Let’s dive into the list!

The Best 5 Teakwood Fragrances

Best Teakwood Fragrances

Fragrances made using teak wood oil are few and far between.

Builders use this heartwood to fight corrosion, repel water and insects, and reduce customer maintenance of outdoor furniture. This is because teak is unique in that even after it’s been processed and cut, it continues to release protective waxes and oils.

These oils release a strong but unique scent that adds complexity to personal fragrances as well. Teak is definitely earthy, but it’s also warm and spicy. Some describe it as smelling similar to leather, which is why teak wood is traditionally described as smelling more masculine than feminine, although some women enjoy wearing it, as you’ll read below.

1. Best Budget-Friendly Option: Teakwood Bath & Body Works Cologne Spray for Men

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The one fragrance most commonly associated with teak wood in the frag community is this Bath & Body Works cologne that’s simply titled, Teakwood.

It’s marketed as a men’s fragrance and was launched in 2017.

One bottle holds 100 mL (3.4 fl oz) of fragrance and the glass bottle is simple, yet luxurious. Although the exterior shape is rectangle, the bottom thickness gives it a more stately look.

Amber liquid is confined to the inner portion of the bottle but is mirrored on all sides, giving it the appearance of added volume and luxury. The atomizer is covered with a square black cap.

In this wood-forward fragrance, teak wood, lavender, and mahogany are balanced together to form one accord. Therefore, you’ll smell some degree of all three of these scents from the time it’s sprayed on until it completely fades away.

This cologne has strong projection, but its longevity is moderate due to its lower fragrance strength. Sillage is moderate at first but weakens after a few hours of wearing this fragrance.

Teakwood Cologne leans more towards a masculine fragrance than a unisex one, but if this scent speaks to you, then you should wear it regardless.

But because its teak wood notes are so strong, it would be best to wear this cologne during colder months.


  • Great value for the price
  • Uncomplicated fragrance profile
  • Attractive fragrance
  • Can be worn by women as well


  • May not last a full day
  • Not layered; undynamic fragrance

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2. Most Nuanced & Refined: Mistral Teak Wood Eau de Parfum for Men

Mistral Men's Cologne, Teak Wood, 3.4 Ounces
  • AMERICAN ORIGINAL FRAGRANCE ✓ Made in the world's center of fine fragrance, Grasse, France
  • FINEST QUALITY ✓ 100ml - 3.33 Fl. Oz.
  • BALANCED SCENT ✓ Our original fusion of amber, black patchouli, citrus and warm woods creates an unmistakably masculine fragrance; CONCENTRATION ✓ Strong but not overbearing
  • ELEGANT SPRAY BOTTLE ✓ Easy application glass bottle with wooden cap
  • FEATURES ✓ Tested on Men, not animals

Another teak wood cologne that smells more masculine than feminine. This one is also 100 mL (3.4 fl oz).

It’s been poured into a thick-walled but shorter rectangular bottle reminiscent of a drinking glass. A wooden cap adds to the prestige of this fragrance presentation.

Mistral Soap is a California-based company that sells French soaps and other fragranced products for the body and home. Master perfumers formulate these scents in Grasse, France.

Teak wood is grown in tropical climates, teak oil that Mistral uses hails from Sumatra. The scent of teak wood is unmistakably distinctive, and this cologne is balanced with citrusy and sweet notes.

Its top layer is singularly citrus. Teak wood is at the heart of this fragrance, joined by sweet and floral jasmine. Base notes include amber, vanilla, patchouli, and musk. This Teak Wood fragrance is noticeable but also mellow – not overbearing.

Although it’s referred to as a cologne, the fragrance strength of this scent is actually eau de parfum.

Not only do men enjoy wearing it, the women in their lives love to smell this fragrance on them. Considering the fact that teak wood is placed in the middle layer, this unique fragrance layer will be dominant for hours.


  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Garners many compliments
  • Smells increasingly masculine as it dries down
  • Well-made and great gift idea


  • Moderately high price
  • Woody but on the sweeter side

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3. Best Unisex Option: Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire Bois Doré Eau De Parfum

Bois Doré is presented in an all black rectangular perfume bottle with white labeling. Its cap is also black but rounded. A Van Cleef & Arpels jewel hangs from each bottle – attached by hand.

You’ll receive 75 mL (2.5 fl oz) of their mysteriously extraordinary fragrance.

Van Cleef & Arpels is a luxury jewelry company based in Paris, France back in 1896 and remains headquartered there. In addition to high jewelry, watches, and “extraordinary objects,” the company released its first haute perfume in 1976.

Fragrances and bottle shapes are often inspired by their jewelry collections, nature, and creative imagination.

Highly refined, you won’t be overwhelmed by strong wood notes. Still, you’ll want to avoid wearing this scent on hot days because it would be more offensive than attractive.

This is a long-lasting fragrance but sillage is moderate. It’s light enough for women to enjoy wearing it but also has enough presence for men to feel confident wearing it as well.

Top notes include black pepper and mineral notes. In the middle, you’ll experience almond, tobacco, cedar, and vanilla. Teak wood peeks out as the scent dries down and is accompanied by musk and tonka bean.

Quite complex, yet not overly fragrant, this is a sensual yet delicate fragrance that never seems to disappoint customers.

Although it’s on the expensive side, its ingredient content and longevity help extend the value of this purchase.


  • Made using high quality ingredients
  • Each bottle poured and detailed by hand
  • Long lasting
  • Balanced enough for men and women to wear


  • On the expensive side
  • Sells quickly; not always easy to find

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4. Most Feminine Teak Wood Fragrance: Chance Eau Fraîche by Chanel

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This is an eau de toilette spray that’s mostly fresh and floral but is made more vibrant with the addition of teak wood.

At 100 mL (3.4 fl oz), this bottle is made of clear glass in a flattened round shape with a square clear frosted cap over its silver atomizer. There’s a light green tint to the liquid that visually communicates how fresh the fragrance will smell.

Lemon, citron, and cedar introduce you to this fragrance. Middle notes are floral, sweet, and spicy, they include jasmine, water hyacinth, and pink pepper. As it dries down, teak wood comes to the fore along with powdery iris and white musk, smokey and woody vetiver, dynamic patchouli, and warm, sweet amber.

Best worn during the day in warmer months, you can expect the fragrance to last a few hours – up to four – but it leaves a lovely trail.

Chance Eau Fraîche

This is a delightful take on teak wood. If you prefer not to wear teak due to its olfactory heaviness, then you might enjoy this eau de toilette.

Pricing is what you’d expect for a Chanel fragrance but product quality helps justify the price, adding to its value.


  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Light, warm weather fragrance
  • Interesting scent notes
  • High quality fragrance house


  • Can be expensive
  • Won’t last as long as an eau de parfum

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5. Most Unique Scent Combination: Presence Eau de Toilette for Men by Montblanc

MONTBLANC Presence for Men, 2.5 Ounce
  • Presence by Mont Blanc Eau De Toilette Spray 2.5 oz Eau De Toilette Spray 2.5 oz
  • Presence by Mont Blanc Eau De Toilette Spray 2.5 oz Eau De Toilette Spray 2.5 oz

An eau de toilette, each bottle holds 75 mL (2.5 fl oz) of fragrant pale green liquid. Although this is a spicy and woody fragrance, it can be worn most months of the year, just avoid spraying it on when it’s extremely warm outside.

Presence also lasts longer than you’d expect for an eau de toilette. If you spray it on in the morning, it will last into the early evening. With moderate sillage, you’ll leave a nice trail without smothering those around you with fragrance.

Presence opens up with spicy-citrus notes: ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and bergamot. In the middle are apple, sage, and heliotrope notes. And as it dries down, tonka bean, teak wood, amber, white musk, and sandalwood carry you into the evening.

This is a smaller bottle but its longevity prevents you from having to frequently reapply the fragrance, which adds to its value.


  • Interesting scent combination
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • After-work fragrance notes are warmer, woodier
  • Pretty good value for the price


  • Smaller bottle than expected
  • Fragrance notes might be too strange for some people

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What Makes Teak Wood Different?

Teak wood notes are often described as “exotic” and “rare.” This is largely due to where this wood is grown, but these words might also indicate the very limited extent to which most people have encountered this fragrance. We often deem “exotic” the things we’re simply unfamiliar with.

Where is Teak Wood Grown?

The average person is unfamiliar with teak wood. Some people may have heard the word spoken here or there without paying much attention. Hearing someone mention teak may seem to drown into the sea of other woods, but this tree species actually stands out from all the rest.

Scientifically, teak wood is called Tectona grandis. It’s a hardwood species that is native to Southeast Asia. Close to half of teak wood is sourced from Myanmar.

As with most things, opportunists have introduced this species to additional tropical climate areas, namely the Caribbean and Africa.

Companies attempt to harvest this wood at a faster rate, but it actually takes over 20 years for a teak tree to mature. Teak is best grown and maintained in its original habitat – south and southeast Asia.

What are the Qualities of Teak Wood?

This lumber is highly durable – so much so that it’s often used to make boats, yachts, and many other construction projects. Water vessels built with teak wood have been known to last at least twice as long as modern steel war ships.

Teak wood is water, termite, and fire-resistant, withstands harsh weather conditions, fungus, is unlikely to rot or succumb to decay, is light and heat resistant, and requires virtually no maintenance because it continues to produce protective rubber, oils, waxes even after it’s been logged.

This wood is also less likely to split, crack, or warp, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture, decks, paneling, door and window frames, exterior columns, and more.

How does Teak Wood Smell?

Just as this is a wood with stand-out qualities, it’s also a wood with its own distinct fragrance.

While the scent of teak wood is earthy and strong, it’s not what you’d typically describe as a woodsy fragrance. It’s not like cedar, balsam, or fir – there aren’t any sweet, citrusy resinous notes. Nor are evergreen notes present.

And although it can smell green, it’s not a light, fresh green like bamboo wood.

Teak wood smells drier, like leather. It’s also spicy and a bit warm, like amber. You might also notice musk notes.

Which Scents Go Well with Teak Wood?

Many perfumers seem to play up the natural scent offerings of teak wood by pairing it with spicy, musky, and leathery scents.

You’ll notice that teak wood is often combined with amber, musk, patchouli, jasmine, and even mahogany wood. Or you’ll notice spices like cinnamon, ginger, or cardamom. Another frequent pairing is with tonka bean.

Examples of this includes Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire Bois Doré Eau De Parfum and Montblanc’s Présence Eau de Toilette for Men. Présence also incorporates a lot of spice notes.

Tonka bean is often described as spicy, grassy, smokey, nutty, and even sometimes fruity, so it complements teak wood quite well.

When perfumers want to lessen the intensity of teak wood, they often pair it with citrus, floral, sweet, or herbal notes, as with Chanel Eau Fraîche.


Teak wood has a fragrance that’s as unique as its natural composition. Just as its timber is strong and durable, its scent cannot be ignored and has lasting power.

If you’re looking for a distinctive teak wood scent that you won’t find in the run of the mill designer fragrance options, then I would suggest Mistral’s Teak Wood eau de parfum. You’ll definitely stand out and people will ask what you’re wearing because the scent is so uncommon.

Mistral’s Teak Wood fragrance is a long-lasting, strong, but balanced eau de parfum that’ll give you great value for all the high-quality ingredients used to make it.

For those who only want to experience a hint of teak wood, I’d suggest Chance Eau Fraîche by Chanel. One spray may not last as long as Mistral’s eau de parfum but Chance Eau Fraîche is a light, refreshing and unique take on teak wood.

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