Give Your Unwanted Fragrances a Second Life: Where to Sell Them for Cash

So, you’ve gone ahead and splurged on that new fragrance, lured by the siren song of a beautiful bottle and a description that read like poetry, right? But alas, just like that blind date you had last week, the reality didn’t quite match up to the expectation. 

What do we do now? Do we simply toss it in the trash, accepting our fate and mourning the loss of those hard-earned dollars? Or do we let it sit there on the shelf, gathering dust and serving as a constant reminder of our misguided enthusiasm? 

No, my friends, we do neither! Because there is a solution. There are places both online and offline where you can sell those fragrances that didn’t work for you. And guess what? You can get some of that hard-earned cash back!

  • Online marketplaces
  • Fragrance swap groups
  • Local consignment stores

Yes, indeed, let’s dive into the details and explore these options, shall we?

Where to Sell Your Unwanted Fragrances

1. eBay

Do you enjoy solving mysteries? Let’s solve one. Imagine having a perfume that doesn’t suit your style. What to do? Consider eBay, a great platform for selling unused fragrances. However, it’s essential to be aware of the potential risks. Interesting, right?

First and foremost, eBay has a strict policy on selling used cosmetics, which, believe it or not, includes our dear fragrances. Imagine the surprise! The policy prohibits any item that has an applicator coming into contact with the body.

  • You cannot sell spray bottles, rollerballs, or dabbers that have been used or opened.
  • You can only sell sealed or unopened bottles, or decants transferred to new containers.

Furthermore, eBay’s been playing hardball with decant sales, removing listings and penalizing sellers who sell fragrances not in their original bottles. Numerous sellers, some of whom have been in the decant business for years, have seen their items removed and their accounts suspended or restricted. Why, you ask? 

eBay claims that selling decants is against FDA regulations and their own policies.

And as if this wasn’t enough, eBay is teeming with counterfeit fragrances, making it rather challenging for buyers to trust sellers, and for sellers to compete with the ludicrously low prices these fakes fetch. As a seller, you may find yourself ensnared in potential scams, dealing with frauds, or locked into disputes with buyers who claim that your product is not authentic or as described. You may even have to provide proof of purchase, delivery, or the condition of your product. 

You can indeed sell your fragrances on eBay. All it requires is a bit of diligence to follow their rules. Isn’t that a delightful way to declutter and earn at the same time? 

2. Facebook Marketplace

How about we embark on a journey with Facebook Marketplace, a veritable treasure trove where you can offload those unwanted fragrances? But first, wouldn’t you agree, it is wise to arm ourselves with some crucial knowledge?

Firstly, let’s deal with the elephant in the room: Facebook’s policy on selling used cosmetics. 

Facebook Marketplace has a policy on selling used cosmetics, including fragrances, that prohibits items that have an applicator that comes into contact with the body. This means that you cannot sell spray bottles, rollerballs, or dabbers that have been used or opened. You can only sell sealed or unopened bottles, or decants that are transferred to new containers.

Did you feel the rug getting pulled from under your feet? Yes, it’s a bummer. 

But wait, there’s more! 

Even if you miraculously have unopened bottles to sell, there are other hurdles to consider. You see, dear reader, Facebook Marketplace is not a dedicated platform for selling fragrances. What does this mean for you? 

  • You may struggle to find buyers interested in your product. After all, the marketplace is vast and varied.
  • You may need to compete with other sellers who may offer similar or even lower prices. A tough call, isn’t it?
  • Optimizing your listings with keywords, tags, photos, etc., becomes absolutely necessary to attract more buyers. Sounds like extra work, doesn’t it?

And here’s the kicker, Facebook Marketplace does not offer much protection or support for buyers or sellers. What could this imply? 

  1. Dealing with potential scams, frauds, or disputes with buyers or sellers. Not quite the experience you signed up for, right?
  2. The burden of proving purchase, delivery, or condition of your product falls on you. Still feeling excited about selling your fragrances here?
  3. Oh, and you also have to abide by Facebook’s rules and policies, such as verification, ratings, etc. Doesn’t sound like a walk in the park now, does it?

So, all things considered, I’d suggest selling those fragrances that just don’t suit you anymore on Facebook Marketplace, only if you’re supremely confident and meticulous about your sales. And why not? After all, life’s all about taking risks, right? But remember, sometimes, it’s just worth exploring other options.

3. Reddit

Looking to swap a fragrance that doesn’t delight you? Join us on r/fragranceswap, a reddit community for fragrance lovers to buy, sell, and trade. Create posts with key details like brand, size, condition, and price, or browse to connect with other users. Transactions are made through comments or direct messages, using PayPal or Venmo. You can also review feedback and reputation of users before making a deal. It’s secure and convenient!

“With r/fragranceswap, you’re in control of your fragrance journey – and it’s just a click away!”

Advantages that Make Scents 

Can you smell the advantages brewing? Well, here’s what the r/fragranceswap community offers: 

  • Community: You’ll find yourself amidst a large and active community of fragrance lovers. Your product will be of interest here.
  • Flexibility and control: From setting your own prices, negotiating with buyers, to choosing your shipping options – you’re in control. It’s like being the captain of your own ship.
  • Optimization: With various tools and features at your disposal like keywords, tags, and photos, your posts can be the best versions of themselves.

Disadvantages? We Have a Whiff of Those Too 

Okay, we’ve smelled the roses, but what about the thorns? There are some disadvantages attached to using r/fragranceswap: 

  • Shipping and insurance costs: These costs will be on you and might just reduce your profit margin. But who said making money was easy, right?
  • Potential scams, frauds, or disputes: Not everyone plays fair, unfortunately. You might have to deal with such issues and also provide proof of purchase, delivery, or condition of your product.
  • Compliance: You have to comply with r/fragranceswap’s rules and policies like prohibited items, verification requirements, and the feedback system. It’s a small inconvenience for a larger gain, don’t you think?

At the end of the day, it’s all about making informed decisions and taking that leap of faith! So, what do you say? Ready to dive into the fragrance trading world of r/fragranceswap?

4. Fragrantica Forums

Ever wondered where to unload those fragrances that just don’t seem to hit the right notes for you? Fragrantica Forums might just be the place. But is it the best option? Let’s see: 

Fragrantica Forums, while a bustling meeting place for fragrance aficionados, is not primarily a platform for selling your unwanted perfumes. It’s designed more for discussions, reviews, and fragrance swaps. However, you can still create a post detailing your product under the Swap section. You have the freedom to include the brand, size, condition, price, and so on. Interested buyers can be reached out to via comments or private messages. PayPal and other agreed payment methods could also be used. 

So, what makes Fragrantica Forums an appealing option, and what doesn’t?

The Pros: 

  • You are in the midst of a passionate and informed community of fragrance lovers who might be interested in your product.
  • You enjoy significant control over your sales – set your own prices, negotiate with buyers, choose your shipping options, and more.
  • There’s a host of tools and features at your disposal to enhance your posts – keywords, tags, photos, and more.

The Cons: 

  • Shipping and insurance costs are on you, which can eat into your profit margin.
  • Potential scams, frauds, or disputes with buyers or sellers loom large. Proving the purchase, delivery or condition of your product may be necessary.
  • You’re bound by the rules and policies of Fragrantica Forums, like banned items, verification requirements, feedback system, and so on.

Selling fragrances that don’t work for you on Fragrantica Forums isn’t a bad idea. Yet, it would best serve those comfortable and careful with their sales process, given the potential pitfalls. But isn’t that true for any venture in life?

5. Basenotes Forums

Ever thought about selling those fragrances that just don’t mesh with your vibes on Basenotes Forums? Not the first place that springs to mind, right? Well, it’s a possible option, albeit not a very common one. Let’s dive into the why. 

Basenotes Forums is a platform for fragrance enthusiasts to discuss, review, and swap fragrances, but not explicitly for selling them. You can whip up a post in the Swap section of the forum with all the juicy details of your product – brand, size, condition, price, and so on. You can even browse other posts and chat up potential buyers or sellers via comments or private messages. Payments? PayPal or other methods that you both agree upon. Easy peasy!

Of course, every rose has its thorns, right? And in this case, Basenotes Forums isn’t any different. 

The Pros:

  • You’ve got a dedicated and knowledgeable community of fragrance lovers who may be itching to get their hands on your product. Cha-ching!
  • You’re the boss. Set your prices, negotiate with buyers, choose your shipping options. You’re in control.
  • Optimize your posts with a bouquet of tools and features like keywords, tags, photos. Make ’em irresistible!

The Cons:

  • Shipping and insurance costs. Yep, you have to foot the bill, which might slim down that profit margin.
  • Potential scams, frauds, or disputes with buyers or sellers. You might need to provide proof of purchase, delivery, condition of your product. A bit of a hassle, eh?
  • Rules and policies. You’ve got to play by Basenotes Forums’ rules, like prohibited items, verification requirements, feedback system, etc. The list goes on.

So, what’s the final verdict? Selling fragrances that don’t work for you on Basenotes Forums could be a good idea, as long as you’re comfortable and careful about your sales. Remember, the nose knows best!

6. Local Consignment Stores

So, you’re considering selling those fragrances that just didn’t hit the mark for you at local consignment stores, huh? Well, it’s a possibility. But let’s not pop the champagne just yet; it might not be your most profitable option. Let’s dive into why. 

First things first – what are local consignment stores? Well, they’re physical shops that sell secondhand items, everything from clothing and furniture to antiques and collectibles. The catch? They sell these items on behalf of the owners, who then pocket a certain percentage of the sale price. This usually ranges between 25% and 60%, all depending on the store’s policy, of course.

The Pros:

  • First, it’s easy and quick. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of creating listings or negotiating with buyers online.
  • Second, you can save on shipping and insurance costs, because the store takes care of delivery and display.
  • And third, you get to piggyback off the store’s rep and customer base. Plus, you can benefit from their marketing and sales strategies. Not bad, right? 

The Cons:

  • For starters, you’ll have to pay a pretty high commission fee to the store. This could take a big bite out of your profits.
  • Also, you’ll have to follow the store’s rules and policies. Think: item condition, pricing, contract duration, payment method, and so on.
  • And lastly, you have zero control over when or how your items will be sold. The store calls the shots on the best time and place to sell them.

So, here’s my two cents: consider selling those mismatched fragrances at local consignment stores only if you’re after a convenient, hassle-free way to ditch them. If you’re aiming for maximum profit? Well, you might want to explore other options.

7. Garage Sale

Now, you might be thinking, “Hey, why don’t I just sell these colognes and perfumes in a good old-fashioned garage sale?” Well, hold your horses, my dear friend! While selling your unwanted fragrances at a garage sale is certainly possible, it’s not always the most effective option. And here’s why: 

What’s a garage sale? It’s a casual event where you sell your unwanted or unused items, such as clothing, books, toys, and the like, right from your own garage or yard. You’re in charge! You set up your own tables, signs, and prices, and attract buyers from your neighborhood or nearby areas. As for payment methods, cash is king but you can also accept other forms as agreed upon.

The Pros

  • You can sell your fragrances easily and quickly without the hassle of creating online listings or dealing with internet trolls…I mean, buyers.
  • You can save on shipping and insurance costs, because, well, you don’t have to mail your items to buyers.
  • You can declutter your space and make some extra cash at the same time. How’s that for multitasking?

The Cons

  • It might be tough finding buyers interested in your fragrances, as most garage sale enthusiasts are looking for cheap bargains or household items, not the latest Chanel perfume.
  • You may have to sell your fragrances at incredibly low prices, as most buyers will expect to haggle or negotiate with you. Prepare to be a master negotiator.
  • You may have to deal with potential theft, damage, or loss of your items, as you can’t keep an eye on them all the time. It’s the wild west out there!

Therefore, I would suggest selling fragrances that don’t work for you at a garage sale only if you have no other options or if you just want to get rid of them.

Maximizing Your Profits: How to Get the Best Price for Your Unwanted Fragrances

Picture this: You’ve got a bottle of perfume or cologne that’s just not doing it for you. Maybe it’s from an ex who didn’t know your taste, or perhaps it’s a gift from Aunt Mildred who still believes you’re living in the 80s… Whatever the case, you want to sell it, but how can you maximize your profits? Fasten your seatbelts, folks, because we’re about to dive into the art of fragrance reselling! 

Know the Market Value 

First off, do a little recon. What’s the market value of your fragrance? Sniff out your competitors. How much are they selling similar fragrances for on the platforms we’ve already listed? Are they in the same condition as yours? If you’re holding onto a bottle of discontinued perfume, well, my friend, you might just be sitting on a goldmine! 

Timing is Everything 

Next up, timing. Have you ever noticed how fragrances fly off the shelves around certain times of the year? Holidays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, these are all prime perfume purchasing periods. So why not slip your scent into the mix? 

Keep it in Tip-Top Shape 

Now, let’s talk about condition. A fragrance that’s been well-kept, with its box intact and minimal use, will naturally fetch a higher price. So, if you’re looking to sell, resist the urge to spritz! The less you use, the more you can potentially gain. 

Photos and Descriptions 

Photos and descriptions are your frontline soldiers in the battle for a buyer’s attention. Clear, well-lit photos and a detailed, honest description can make all the difference. Pro tip: If you’re not a whiz with words, there are plenty of online resources to help you describe scents. Just don’t tell them your unwanted Eau de Toilette smells like a ‘summer’s day in a unicorn’s garden’, unless it actually does! 

Patience Pays 

Finally, patience. Good things come to those who wait, and this is especially true when selling fragrances. Unless you’ve got a super rare bottle, it might take a while to find the right buyer. So sit back, relax, and let the fragrance do the talking! 

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your profits, and who knows, you might even find you’ve got a knack for this fragrance reselling business. Watch out world, here comes the next Fragrance Mogul!

Top Tips for Selling Your Unwanted Fragrances Quickly and Easily

So, you’ve got the lowdown on where to sell your unwanted fragrances, now let’s look at some top tips to ensure you’re the olfactory Oprah of selling scents. These quick and easy tips will have you raking in the cash faster than you can say “Eau de Toilette”! 

1. Know Your Scents 

First off, you need to know your stuff. That means understanding the difference between a top note and a base note, and the impact packaging can have on a fragrance’s value. You wouldn’t try to sell your car without knowing the make and model, would you? It’s the same principle. 

2. Be Honest 

Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to selling fragrances. Be clear about the condition of the bottle, how much is left, and if the packaging is original. If it’s practically empty or missing the lid, better to ‘fess up now than face an angry buyer later on. 

3. Use Clear Labels 

Labeling is key when it comes to selling your unwanted scents. Include the brand, fragrance name, bottle size, and whether it’s a spray or splash. And no, “that blue one that smells nice” won’t cut it! 

4. Price It Right 

Like Goldilocks, you need to get the price just right. Too high and it won’t sell, too low and you could lose out. Do your research, understand the market, and price accordingly. Remember, a fragrance is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. 

5. Show It Off 

Last, but certainly not least, make your fragrances look appealing. That means clean, clear photographs from multiple angles, and detailed descriptions that really sell the scent. This isn’t just a bottle of perfume, it’s an olfactory experience. Sell it as such. 

So there you have it, our top tips to sell your unwanted fragrances quickly and easily. Now get out there and start selling!


Well, my friend, we’ve certainly journeyed far and wide through the fragrant landscape of the perfume resale world, haven’t we? From online platforms to in-store consignment, I bet you’re practically giddy with the array of options breathing new life into your unwanted scents. 

So, what’s next? Well, that’s on you. Whether you decide to list your fragrance on eBay or march it down to your local swap meet, remember that every fragrance is a story waiting to be told. 

Remember the golden rule of resale: Honesty is the best policy. Make sure to describe your fragrance accurately and disclose any flaws. That way, you can avoid any sticky situations, and ensure your buyer loves their new scent as much as you…didn’t.

Good luck, and may the fragrance resale gods be ever in your favor!


Hello and welcome to Fragrance Advice! My name is Grace Young, and I’ve been drawn to fragrances since I was a little girl. There's just something about scent that brings me so much joy! 

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