What Cologne Does Corpse Wear? (Quick Facts)

Baritone YouTuber and musician, Corpse, has built a career on intrigue and horror since 2015. It follows that millions of subscribers and fans desire to learn more about him, including what cologne he wears. 

According to various references across the Internet, Corpse’s signature scent is Givenchy Pi Neo for Men. After Corpse shared this on a Twitch livestream, the fragrance immediately sold out on ecommerce websites like Amazon. Therefore, Corpse is on the hunt for a new personal fragrance. 

Why was there such a reaction to this fragrance? Keep reading for the details.

What Cologne Does Corpse Wear

The Anonymous Corpse Husband

Though wildly popular, Corpse Husband, or simply Corpse, is an enigma. And it’s almost confusing as to how this is even possible in our current day and age where little restraint is exercised when it comes to sharing personal information.

Corpse launched his first YouTube channel in 2015 narrating horror stories. His deep voice, almost robotic, has drawn in listeners for years. At present, Corpse has over 7 million subscribers on this main Youtube Channel, Corpse Husband.

He has live-streamed Among Us games and has 1.54 million subscribers on his gaming YouTube Channel and over 1 million followers on Twitch.

Corpse shared music on his main YouTube channel as early as 2016, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2020 that Corpse released his debut album. His emo music has been climbing the charts internationally, with one single, E-Girls Are Ruining My Life! reaching certified platinum status.

There are 2.85 million subscribers on his music-themed YouTube Channel and 4.8 monthly listeners on his Spotify account.

In other socials, Corpse has 3.8 million Twitter followers on his main account and 1.4 million on his Twitter music account. 3.3 million people follow him on Instagram even though there are only seven posts.

And with all of these follows, none of his fans know his birth name, what his face looks like, or where he grew up – many of the facts that are typically revealed during interviews.  Fans are nevertheless fully engaged with his online persona. And they apparently deem it sufficient for him to share pictures of his hand or strands of hair.

Corpse has such a broad reach for someone who wants to remain anonymous. The only aspect of his life that he seems to be transparent about is his voice. 

The YouTuber has openly shared his medical struggles, which include fibromyalgia and thoracic outlet syndrome. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is reported to have contributed to the deepening of his voice of late.

Husband has been on hiatus from YouTube and Twitch streams for close to a year and has no qualms about it. He’s been reported as stating that he’ll return when he feels like it. And yet fans are still enamored by him.

Corpse noticed that his anxiety levels rose every time he’d livestream on his own account, which is one reason why he’s been on hiatus. It turns out that he prefers joining his friends’ gaming streams, and he is busy working on other projects, like a voice acting role for the multimedia franchise Tribe Nine.

Givenchy Pi Neo for Men

The online frenzy that snatched Corpse’s favorite men’s fragrance from virtual shelves seems to have waned. It’s again available on websites like Amazon, but at a high cost. 

Initially released in September 2008, this woody eau de toilette was inspired by the movie, The Matrix. A line of men’s body care products accompanied this scent when it was first launched. 

An independent fragrance in the Pi collection, Pi Neo is as much a revision on reality as the Matrix movie itself.

It’s a daily fragrance that projects best during spring, summer, and fall days, but it carries well into the evening and can be worn in colder months. 

Mandarin orange and bergamot make up the brisk top notes. Cedar and myrtle compose the middle notes, and patchouli is Pi Neo’s base note.

Myrtle is an herbaceous and fresh fragrance that’s sweet and similar to eucalyptus, pairing well as a nice transition from the top citrus notes. Cedar notes add calm and groundedness to the fragrance blend.

Pi Neo dries down into the robust earthiness of patchouli, which also includes grassy, musk and amber notes. 

Futuristic and mysterious, this fragrance comes across as an appropriate fit for the peculiar Corpse. 

How did Corpse react to his cologne selling out online? In his own words:

Would you like to hear something absolutely preposterous? I f*****g mentioned what cologne I wear during a livestream and now it’s sold out everywhere! I have to find a new cologne!

I guess this speaks to the need for humans to associate scent with emotions. It demonstrates the powerful effects of fame paired with scent. Fans want to connect their online experiences with Corpse using a fragrance in order to get a deeper sense of who he is as a person. 

Should You Wear Givenchy’s Pi Neo for Men?

Givenchy has discontinued this fragrance, but it is still available at some online retailers. 

Corpse Husband exists under a shroud of mystery, but he definitely has significant influence over his subscribers and followers. When he releases apparel, music, YouTube videos – pretty much anything that he promotes – quickly goes viral and then sells out.

Viral responses might be appropriate with regards to online content and maybe even apparel, but the truth of the matter is that no fragrance smells the same on any two individuals.

At this point, this fragrance has become a collector’s item. One 3.3 oz (100 mL) bottle costs over $200 USD – a significant increase. The current cost is about five times as high as it was on Amazon prior to Corpse revealing this as his daily scent.

So there are a couple points to think about before purchasing this fragrance.

Firstly, do you think this scent would actually smell nice on you? Of course you’d have to try it first, but if you wear perfumes or colognes often, you have an idea of what generally works well with your body. If a fresh, woody, citrus scent typically smells horrible on you, then you might not want to purchase this eau de toilette unless you’re okay with it simply sitting on a shelf in your home.

Secondly, are you willing to pay for the current asking price? If you’re a diehard Corpse fan, there may not even be any hesitation. You might have already placed Pi Neo in your online shopping cart. Whether or not the cost is worth it to you is purely subjective. At the same time, it won’t hurt to wait it out in case the price goes down in the near future. 

Givenchy’s Pi Neo for Men Alternatives

Although Pi Neo hasn’t been manufactured for a few years, Givenchy still makes and distributes the original Pi fragrance

Givenchy Pi

Also a woody eau de toilette, this scent is quite different from Pi Neo, but still has fresh notes. It’s an irresistibly brut and sensual fragrance reformulation that’s available in 50mL and 100mL bottles.

Here are its current fragrance layers:

  • Top notes: pine needle and mandarin orange
  • Middle notes: infinium
  • Base notes: ironwood and benzoin crystals

Its initial impression is sharp, earthy, sweet and fresh. As it transitions into infinium, you’ll experience a malty, roasted grain fragrance. Ironwood smells like an infusion of herbs and spices but the benzoin notes dominate this base layer. Benzoin smells like nicely aged vanilla – smooth and sumptuous. 

Although it’s an eau de toilette, Pi is an intense fragrance that could also be worn by women.

Givenchy Gentleman

If you’re looking for a scent that’s closer to Pi Neo, Givenchy Gentleman is close but not exact. Here are the fragrance layers:

  • Top: pear natureprint, violet leaf absolute from Egypt
  • Middle: orris concrete, lavender
  • Base: leather natureprint, patchouli essence

You’ll notice sweet fruit notes and romantic floral notes combined with fresh herbaceous notes on the first two layers. The last layer is more masculine and trails off with patchouli, similar to Pi Neo. 

In Closing

Corpse Husband has proven that one person can make a significant impact in the lives of others without oversharing the personal details of their life. Millions of people support him as a content creator and an artist. And while he isn’t completely transparent, fans find him to be authentic. 

If you feel that Givenchy’s Pi Neo for Men would be an authentic choice for you, then I suggest you try it. Otherwise, I think that even Corpse would want you to select a daily fragrance that best reflects who you are as a person.

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