What Cologne Does Tom Holland Wear? (Quick Facts)

Tom Holland, the Spider-Man heartthrob, has such irresistible charm that fans around the world want to learn as much about him as possible. One of the top questions asked is about the cologne he wears.

It turns out that one of his favorite fragrances is Play by Givenchy. It’s an eau de toilette dominated by citrus notes and a bit of spice. Another possibility is Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne. 

Stick around to explore more of his fragrance picks from over the years. 

What Cologne Does Tom Holland Wear

Some History About Tom Holland

I get the impression that the world is obsessed with Englishmen and the personal fragrances that they wear. So today we’re adding Tom Holland to that list.

Tom has been a performer since the age of nine. His natural acting abilities landed him a role in Billy Elliot the Musical. He’s a trained dancer in multiple styles: ballet, hip hop, and tap. He’s also learned acrobatics. Holland continued to perform as a professional actor and dancer in musicals until 2010.

He transitioned into voice acting, eventually transitioning into acting full-time in a wide range of roles.

In 2015, Tom transcended from a hardcore fan of Spider-Man to an on-screen role as Marvel’s Spider-Man. He’s become a fixture in the franchise.

Tom Holland’s romantic relationship with Zendaya has elevated him further into the stratosphere in the media’s eyes as both of them appear loveable on and off the screen.

Does Tom Holland Wear Play by Givenchy?

According to Jake Gyllenhal, Tom Holland is a great-smelling costar. So whatever he’s wearing, it’s made an impression on his coworkers. 

It’s so hard to find accurate information about the scents worn by celebrities. But I searched high and low to get this information for you.

Based on older reports, it’s entirely likely that earlier in his career, Tom wore Givenchy Play.

First launched in 2008, the fragrance has since been discontinued by Givenchy, but you can find it through e-commerce sites, like Amazon, for a pretty penny.

It seems that sellers are taking advantage of the fact that Play is now a rare fragrance once worn by famous actors, like Tom Holland.

As an eau de toilette, Play isn’t as aromatic as an eau de parfum. But it’s more fragrant than cologne. If you get your hands on a bottle, you can expect to experience two primary scent families: fresh and oriental.

The top fresh notes are shown through bergamot, grapefruit, bitter orange, and mandarin orange.

These scents fade after about 15 minutes, and then you’ll experience an interesting blend of heart notes. This mixture includes coffee, pepper, amyris, and tobacco blossom. Amyris is actually a member of the citrus family. It has a sweet balsamic or resinous fragrance with hints of citrus fruit and wood; similar to sandalwood.

Perfumers love to add amyris to their formulations because it acts as a fixative. Not only does it prolong the length of time that it lasts on your skin, it also prolongs the scent of all the other fragrance ingredients.

Tobacco blossom is a fragrant bush that smells like apples, citrus, and chocolate. Understanding this makes the addition of coffee less surprising, as citrus, chocolate, and coffee fragrances all complement one another.

For a personal fragrance, though, it’s still an odd blend of fragrances. To add to the complexity, vetiver and patchouli make up the base notes of Play.

An interesting factoid is that the name chosen for this fragrance, “Play,” was associated with music.

When it was first launched, singer Justin Timberlake was the model and spokesman for the scent. The bottle was actually molded into the shape of an MP3 player. “MP3 player” might be a foreign term for some of you, but these portable devices were a technological advancement in their time. You could store music on them like an iPod. This was before streaming services were made available.

He may not be filling up stadiums like Justin Timberlake, but it turns out that Tom Holland also likes to sing.

Were you to find and wear Play, it’s more of a spring and summer scent due to all of the citrus notes. Spicier notes lend themselves to fall, so this fragrance could also work as the leaves begin to turn colors. Whichever season you wear it, Play is more appropriate as a day fragrance than an evening one. 

In spite of its uniqueness and complexities, most people loved the smell of Play…just as they seem to really love Tom Holland.

Does Tom Holland Wear Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne?

Surprisingly, this fragrance is still manufactured. Launched in 1996, Curve used to be a really popular scent that was available in department stores, like JCPenney and Nordstrom, and often as a part of a gift set. 

Now it’s a budget fragrance and is available to the corner drugstore. You can find Curve for Men and all of the other Curve fragrances at stores like Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Meijer, Fingerhut, and WalMart.

It’s an inexpensive fragrance that has stood the test of time. In a way, I was surprised that Tom Holland has been reported to have used Curve for Men, but upon further exploration of the scent, it’s become clearer why he would. 

The Liz Claiborne brand was sold to JCPenney decades ago and now Elizabeth Arden owns the rights to all of the Liz Claiborne scents. The fact that Curve still exists is an indication that there’s still a demand for it in spite of its dwindling reputation.

Curve for Men is an invigorating spicy and woody fragrance and can be worn in the daytime or evening hours. 

There are five cologne spray sizes available ranging from as small as 0.5 fl oz (15 mL) to 6.8 fl oz (200 mL). Deodorant body spray is another option.

You would think that the price point and store availability would indicate that Curve for Men is being marketed to younger boys or teens. Yet it seems that younger and older men are attracted to this scent. 

In spite of its drug store availability, Curve for Men is a sophisticated fragrance blend. And when considering who made the scent, it’s apparent as to why it’s become such a timeless treasure. 

Curve for Men was formulated by Jean Claude Delville. He’s the Nose behind many luxury fragrance brands including Givenchy, Jo Malone, Vera Wang, and more. Knowing this gives context to a fragrance that seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Curve for Men is considered an aromatic green, which falls under the fresh fragrance category.

Top notes are an interesting mix of pineapple, lavender, lemon, juniper berries, and neroli. Sweet citrus herb is what I gather from that combination. At the heart of Curve for Men is bergamot, cactus, ginger, sage, cardamom, violet, and coriander. 

Base notes include musk, mahogany, cedar, pepper, sandalwood, vetiver, and amber.

One thing that’s obvious is that Tom Holland enjoys wearing complex, yet sophisticated fragrances. 

It’s likely that he wore Curve for Men before the start of his career or during its earlier stages.

Should You Wear the Same Fragrances as Tom Holland?

Tom hasn’t disclosed his current cologne preferences during any of his recent interviews, but we can gather some clues from the two he has shared with us. 

Play by Givenchy is a fresh, spicy, and unusual combination of scents. Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne is a timeless and even more complex mix of spices, herbs, and woods, with a hint of sweetness.

In the TikTok clip above, it’s apparent that Tom was an old soul at a young age. His choice in personal fragrances reflects that same spirit.

Adding either of these scents to your fragrance collection would not only add a fragrant twist, but it will communicate a more established presence.

So if you’re wanting to appear more focused and grounded when interacting with others, you might want to give these Tom Holland fragrances a try.

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